Godfrey Blackladder

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Godfrey was born on a ranch many years ago.  As soon as he could walk the youth was up from dawn till dusk aiding his parents and siblings with chores.  But as with many families having too many mouths to feed it became apparent that even though they could use the help of another son, feeding one would become troublesome.  In return for coin the young Godfrey was traded to a group of mercenaries.  These men traveled the countryside slaying all manner of monsters and men.


The years that followed were harsh.  Full of rigorous training as the boy was shaped to be a slayer of men and beasts.  From swords to axes, bows and knives the youth trained for hours each day on movements as well as how to aim for a weak point.  Life was hard but satisfying.  More so then he could have ever had on the ranch.  While he was taken out on hunts from time to time as an observer he did not have a chance to test himself till his fifteenth birthday.  Where he was given his own sword and a simple set of leather armor.  More then enough for the brick built youth to handle any situation or at least that was the thought.


What was supposed to be a simple investigation ended up becoming the turning point in Godfrey’s life.  For this was where he both met the most important person in his life, but also realized what he truly was.  His investigation took him to the manor of one Lady Eloise.  A reclusive older woman who had drawn the ire of the neighboring village.  Said to never truly age, as well as having taken on several husbands who had mysteriously disappeared.   This was Godfrey’s first encounter with otherworldly beings.    The stress of the situation, coupled with the threat of death drew forth his own secret.  Pushed beyond his limit the young man transformed into a garou himself.  Taking on the Crinos battle form for the first time.  By a stroke of luck or for pity on Eloise decided to spare him.  Helping him through his first change so that he could better come to terms with who he was.    After a time they parted ways Godfrey taken back by her benevolence and deemed the woman to not be a threat.   This fight is where the man earned the scar along his left eye.


The years that followed were mixed between contracts given by his mercenary clan and spending time at the manor.  This helped him learn to live the double life of wolf and man.  While with the mercenaries he kept himself human.  Learning more about the world through the eyes of man.  In visiting Eloise he learned about the wolfen side of himself.  What he was, how he had come to possess such powers and how to properly use them.  Over those years they formed a relationship.  One that was hard to explain.  Master and student, friends, lovers, and most of all companions.  Almost all of his free time away was spent in her presence.  To the point that he found himself spending more time at her manor then with his clan.  Till he was residing at her home and only venturing out to take on contracts that came his way.


As the years continued to pass he spent more time at her manor.  Helping her with any sort of task she needed.  Before long he was doing more to aid her then venturing out to take on contracts.  On the eve of his fifth year staying at her home she came to him with a piece of parchment.  A contract for the exclusive use of his services.  Godfrey signed without hesitation.  From that point on he became whatever she needed him to be.  There were times that Lady Eloise took on contracts in his name.  Life was never truly peaceful but he felt fulfilled.  To this day he is often near her side.  Not that he is kept on a leash however, allowed to come and go as he pleased.  He tends not to stray too far however.


Skills and abilities

-Weapons training
-Heightened senses
-Fast regeneration
-Super human strength
-Super human endurance
-Garou forms (Homid, Glabro, Crinos, Hispo, Lupus)
-Skilled chef




Godfrey is generally a stoic man.  When in the presence of Lady Eloise he conducts himself with the highest honors.  Tending to her every need.  Alone he will often be a bit more open.  He is stead fast and loyal.   Almost to a fault.  Anyone who manages to make friends with him will find themselves in possession of a strong ally.  However he is usually one to speak his mind, even at the cost of pleasantries.  Preferring people know the truth rather then sugar coat the world for them.  Still he will normally keep his calm under pressure even when faced with odds that are stacked against him.

Who Am I...

Former monster hunter. Now whatever Lady Eloise needs me to be

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to his work

My Appearance

Height- 6′ 4″


Age- 56


Build- Muscular


Hair color- Gray


Eye color-  Hazel




Often carries a travel pouch with rations, rope and other necessities for the road.

My Secrets Are...

Locked in the past.  Buried with my former life.

I Believe...

In Lady Eloise