Zelena (Elvy)



Queens Protection: This ability allows her to manipulate nature for any reason such as protection and rejuvenation of the forest. However, should this ability be used too much Zelena will become weak and suffer from extreme fatigue?   


Death’s Door: Zelena can cast anyone or anything into an endless void of death. Once trapped inside you will experience every death fathomable until the end of time. Although the caster pays a price for however many lives she consumes. 


Healing Hands: She can heal anyone so long as the injury isn’t completely fatal.  


The Sight: Zelena along with few others in the human world have the ability to see magical creatures such as the Fey. Without this ability, one cannot see Zelena or Fey living in the human world.


Amnesia: This ability allows Zelena to erase any one part of the victim’s memory but it is not impossible for the memory to return.


Hilucinary Forest: This spell can be cast on one individual or a group of up to five people. It causes the person that the spell was cast on to hallucinate that they are moving but everything is the same as though they are in the same place.  


Summoners Key: This spell allows Zelena to summon any animal, spirit, or Fey creature to her. It also allows her to summon anything with a deep connection to her.


My Story Is...

Sometimes as I try to look back, my memories are covered in fog, but I suppose that’s expected when you’ve been alive for 1,237 years. However, I’m not here to share everything that’s happened in my life, only the important parts. Now, let’s take a look at the very beginning, the day I was born. The people of Avalon were all pleased to hear of the pregnancy of Queen Titania so naturally the day I was born a celebration was held in my honor. After all, I was the child that no one thought would ever have been born, I mean think about it, if Fey and Elves don’t die why would you need an heir to the Avalon throne. I honestly think that the only reason I was born was to keep a war from sparking suddenly between the two peoples of Avalon, yet there isn’t a day in my life that I have ever questioned my parents’ love. Although, not everything was sunshine and rainbows in the fairy kingdom. My parents often feuded and though I never had to pick a side I always felt that I lived in two different worlds. Growing up, my parents taught me everything I needed to know about Avalon. My mother taught me about the creatures and how to show love, but she also taught me many scheming tricks. Whereas my father taught me the history of our people and how to fight wars and be a great leader. But it wasn’t until the day that they took me to Earth that I began training in the art of magic. Little did I know that back then, traveling between Earth and Avalon to learn all sorts of magic would become the basis of my entire life. As time passed and I began to grow, just as my parents, I would reach the time where I would no longer physically age, and that was when my parents sent me away to be trained by Mages, Elves, and Fey. Every day I worked my hardest to master everything I was taught, but sometimes I regret that because after I finished my training I was sent away to guard the Fey on Earth. At first, I simply roamed the world keeping everything in check, but eventually, I settled down in a small field surrounded by a forest that separated me from a small human village.

My Appearance