Ashton Blair

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My Story Is...

Ashton Blair was once a simple girl in a time long ago, she was once a happy person who lived in a small tribe with kind people, a young couple in the tribe took her in after finding her as a baby stranded in the woods. she seemed to be normal until she noticed everyone around her would age much faster, by the time all her friends had turned 40 or so, she still looked like a teenager — when Ashton was 18 she completely stopped growing and stayed the same age, though time passed she was not afflicted by it, eventually when all of her friends had grown old and died she fled the tribe. She first thought it was going to be hard all on her own in the wilderness, but she realized soon that eating wasn’t a thing she had to do as constantly as other people and her injuries healed alarmingly fast. As centuries passed she began to feel lost, what was she, and who where her parents? Questions that couldn’t be answer began to fill her mind and eventually she fell to a dark place. She felt more alone then ever before — at first she didn’t do anything about this new found pain — however she realized she wouldn’t get answers by doing nothing, so she began to travel the world looking for the answers she sought. As she began to learn things about herself 4 decades passed, she learned that she was truly unordinary — Ashton discovered that she had ability’s — after she learned this she seemed to fall off the face of the earth, it was as if she never existed to begin with. Melena passed and the world had forgotten her existence. In the time Ashton was gone she had experienced thousands of alternate reality’s that gave her immense wisdom — but it also thought her a horrible truths — the pain she once felt was minimized by her new thirst for knowledge,or buried deep down in her heart, Ashton hoped would never need to deal with those truths. When Ashton came back to the reality she was born into she felt happy, however that happiness felt wrong to her, and the way she felt broke her in ways normal people could never understand. The reality’s she had lived through had torn her apart, but fixed her at the same time.



My Appearance


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Weight: 102 pounds

Height: 4’9


An enchanted dagger and a small notebook

My Secrets Are...

None of your business

I Believe...

Trust is a hard thing to gain but an easy thing to break