Ace (male) (teen) (more in rp)

Who Am I...

Ace (last name is unknown)

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

I was kicked out of heaven and saved in hell by Lucifer- thats when i decided to work for him- so i left hell and Now i go to a high school Lucifer picked out for me.

My Appearance

Black hair- slim- fit- muscular- Japanese (hides my wings ) wears contacts (grey most of the time) wears a mark most of the time that only covers half of my face.


Knives, Daggers, Blades, Pistol, Poison, bleach, spray paint

My Secrets Are...

I’m a killer-And a fallen angel- i have more secrets in rp

I Believe...

That i can't trust humans so i'm an asshole to them