Hi, I’m Blaze, hired assassin and elite pyromancer… or at least that’s what most people think, but I’m different, I’ve been doing something different, something better, something I’ve been working on for a long time…

Who Am I...

A pyromancer

Romantic Interests

You think I have time for that!?!?

My Story Is...

I used to live a life of crime, back then I was a hired assassin, I would kill whoever someone wished me too, as long as they played me enough but since then I’ve changed, now I work to help people, I’ve changed, a vigilante you could say.

My Appearance

Nothing remarkable, blonde haired, blue eyed.


°A large combat knife
°A fire charm
°2 Hands capable of a lot of stuff

°A desert eagle chambered in 50AE

My Secrets Are...

I’ve found something, something dark, a new threat

I Believe...

That we must be prepared for what is to come