Cali Francis


Cali exhaled softly, Crossing her arms. “What are you saying, Mom?” She scrunched her nose, Holding back the gag in her throat. Alcohol and unnameable mixed drugs? Not the best smell in the world.

“I’m saying I want you out of the house.. Forever.”

Who Am I...

Cali Francis.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Shes’s human. Not very interesting story. Dad served life sentence in jail, Murder. Mother got high and became an alcoholic. Cali moved out, And hopes to survive her last year of high school..

My Appearance

Hair color;Brown root, Golden-Blond hair. Wavy.
Eye Color;Deep sea-green. Somewhat..Blue-ish?
Personality Traits;”Crazy,” Fun, Some what Secretive,Laid back. More in rp.

My Secrets Are...

More than you could know..