Abilities: effects humans easily, abilities on other species varies

Fire manipulation: can create fireballs, bend fire around her and prevent it from hurting anyone she wishes

shadow teleport: uses the shadows in the corner of the rooms to travel, like opening a door and stepping into another room.

limited mind control: making people think certain things, see certain things, do some things but can’t make them kill anyone or themselves.

hypnosis: similar to mind control but more powerful (lasts less than an hour, can make person harm someone they care about)

limited mind reading: can see what is on their mind the moment they are thinking but can’t dive deep into their minds to see any deep dark secrets.

small shields: like a legit shield not a full force field around her, think like captain America

shapeshift: change her appearance for short periods of time from 1-6 hours

telekinesis: move items with her mind, sometimes people if they are lunging at her

Blood control: can control anyone whose blood she has drank till she releases them.

Lucifer’s Mark: protection from other demons powers that could harm her until their deal is broken.

Who Am I...

demon and bounty hunter

Romantic Interests

anyone willinging

My Story Is...

as soon as she could she got out of hell… she made a deal with the devil of course but now that she’s out she’ll do whatever she can so that she will never return, that would be pure hell (hahaha see what i did there?… you laughed i know you did)

My Appearance

black hair, dark eyes, fit and slender, can be sexy as hell.





My Secrets Are...

she had wings once