Caine Vincent Frostmoon

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You may not kill my character without permission. I can be hurt but that is all.

Name : Caine Vincent Frostmoon

Race: Frost elf Mage Lycan hybrid

Hair color: Dark Blonde

Eye color: Amber

Height: 7’8″

Age: 3587


Tempermental, Protective, cuddly with his mate only,  swears a lot. Dirty minded.

Abilities :

Can uses elements summon gems and pure silver weapons and wings


Channing Tatum

My sexy Channing Tatum

Who Am I...

Caine Vincent Frostmoon, Delta of the Frostmoon Pack

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Is Dorian Frostmoon’s older brother.

For 2500 had been at war with Dorian but now since both of them are the last of their family they decided to become allies. He is the Delta of the Frostmoon pack.

Vincent has found out that his whole life was a lie with a letter from the mage. He was a Lycan not a Vampyre .  His true father’s name was Vincent and his own true name was Caine the name his mother gave him before he was ripped out of her arms by the Lycan council to experiment on him to give him vampyre abilities. Gaven the Vampyre used Caine and called him his father’s name cause, he was allies with him. To add salt to the Lycan council’s wounds.

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With his wings

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Tattoo on both biceps

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His wolf form

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