Solei Sweetheart

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Vampiric Pixie – Lover of Sweets

Romantic Interests

Cake and People That Give Me Cake

My Story Is...

There once was a pixie named Solei

Who had no fear of death, okay?

But then a vampire bat bit her

The dark magic of it changed her

And now she loves night and hates day


Pixies, the care-free, hedonistic creatures they are, are notorious for lacking both a full understanding of death and consequently not fearing it. They are blessed with the bliss of eternal happiness, lost in their own fantasies and adventures tending to their gardens, exploring forests, and occasionally playing pranks on people.


Solei is not much different, except that once, after venturing out rather far (which some pixies do, but not all), she was attacked by a vampire in vampire bat form. Whoever the vampire was, they must’ve been shocked by the ferocity with which Solei fought back, driving her tiny, needle-like sword right through its heart after it bit her.


The vampire turned back into its human form after being mortally wounded, and despite quickly losing blood, Solei, in typical pixie fury, mutilated their face, yanking out the fangs, before she crawled away and hid in a hollowed tree.


When she woke up, she was changed – an undead, vampiric pixie, hungering for blood… and also sugar. All pixies have sweet-tooths, often eating sweet nectar and honey, but now she hungered for it in amounts that could not be satiated by the stores and wares of her people.


Rather than eat everyone’s food or drink from her fellow pixies, Solei decided to do what she knew actual vampire bats did; she attacked cattle and other large animals, and then started to harmlessly nibble on people… and their sweet snacks.

My Appearance


As a pixie, Solei is extremely, even disturbingly, small, standing at a whole 6 inches (or 15 cm) tall, and she doesn’t weigh more than 3 oz (85 grams). With platinum blonde hair, bright red eyes, and pale skin, she’s adorable or even beautiful by humanoid standards. An odd pair of wings extend from her back; black in color, they hang down around her shoulders when not flying in a way reminiscent of a cloak, until she spreads them out to an impressive wingspan of 9 inches (22 cm).



Vampire Teeth Daggers – Cut from the gums of the vampire that attacked her years ago, Solei often uses these to feed as her own teeth are often too small for her to properly sink her own fangs into large mammals and other creatures.



Pixie Dust – Raw magic that comes from a pixie’s wings, granting the power of flight to those they willingly sprinkle it over.


Flight – Being a pixie comes with wings that help her fly, and it is only enhanced by her pixie dust; Solei has a top speed of over 100 mph.


Shapeshifting – She can only turn into a bat, a rat, or a little glowing cloud of fog mixed with pixie dust.


Strength – Without the strength of a vampire, Solei was only strong enough to carry small animals, insects, and small quantities of food, but the extra power of a vampire makes it so she’s strong enough to lift a fully grown human off their feet if she has something to hold onto that won’t come loose or break off.


Talking to Animals – Like most pixies, Solei can speak to animals in their own language as if they were sapient creatures.


Immortality – Even before she became undead, Solei was functionally ageless, but now she’s much harder to kill, outside of the normal ways, like burning her, staking her through the heart (if you find a small enough stake), or cutting her head off. Or trap her outside on a sunny day with no shade around.

I Believe...

Cake is Love, Cake is Life