Alex The Cubone

Intro Video


“just.. just leave me alone..or I’ll tear you in half”

Who Am I...

A depressed male cubone/ scavenger

Romantic Interests

I..I just want to be loved…. it's all I ask..I don't care about the gender or species..I just want to know what a loving touch feels like..

Relationship Status

Rose- his former mate who was killed by hunters she was pregnant when she was killed

My Story Is...

Alex was born in a tribe of cubones a few days after he was born his tribe was attacked by poachers who hunted his kind for food and their hides.. after the attack which resulted in his parents and friends being killed he was alone he found his Mom slowly dying she held him close to her chest before her body went cold and she passed away leaving him in a very depressed and violent state of mind..a few years later his mate, a female Pikachu named rose, was killed by a few hunters at this he went berserk and slaughtered them all and cradled his mate’s dead body letting out a loud howl of sorrow and loneliness… after this he was more depressed and violent towards humans who hunted his he just roams around depressed and lonely just looking for a loving touch.

My Appearance

What he looks like
Hoodie Ref
Without hoodie


Him as a baby with his mom.

StreamSketch - Marowak and Cubone


His mother’s skull he wears it as it reminds him of her.
A sharpened bone axe he made from his father’s bones he cherishes these items dearly
A hoodie his mate gave him she made it with love and affection it’s the only article of clothing he wears.
A bag of gold he took from a Dead hunter along with a pump action shotgun.

My Secrets Are...

Hates being lonely
Despises human
Cries in his sleep
Misses his parents and tribe