Agni Storm

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Likes: Spicy food (so much so she’ll sometimes just eat a spicy pepper on its own), Hot beverages, Exercising, Comfy blankets.


Dislikes: Cold beverages (except alcohol), swimming, Loud cities, scratchy beds/blankets.




No God Modding: Please please please do not take control of my character’s actions, thoughts, or place words in her mouth.


No Insta-death, No Insta-Hit: Please do not kill off my character, please do not cause her damage without an option to dodge said damage.


And Finally, Let’s have fun! 🙂


***I do prefer to role play in a Novella style, Oneliners piss me off to no end. I ask that anyone interested in an Role play with me use at least 3 or more lines.***

Who Am I...

Born of ashes, I rise.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Storm-born. That’s what they called us. Children found at the site of catastrophic natural disasters. Some were found in the smoldering embers of forest fires, flames dancing on their skin without burning. Some were found swirling in the waters of floods, others found molding the earth destroyed by earthquakes. Though not every disaster birthed a Storm-born, many did.


I was one of the first generation found after a 12,000 acre forest fire. As with all other Storm-borns I was found at ground zero, the starting point of the disaster. It was quickly observed that each of us had powers based on the disaster that birthed us. Fires created Flame-borns, floods created Current-borns, Earthquakes created Ground-borns, Tornados birthed Gale-borns, etc.

Once the phenomenon was more understood, they began gathering the Storm-borns like myself into schools, teaching us how to use our respective powers. Some took more easily to the abilities than others. Flame-borns found most difficulty keeping the flames contained compared to the other elements.


Among those born of fire, I found the most ease in using my powers. So when I was fifteen I began helping the instructors with those of my element.

Soon we moved on from simple training. The Government began taking Storm-borns that showed the most promise, most discipline, away from the schools. Though they didn’t tell us where they were taking us, once we arrived… we knew. They wanted our powers for use in their wars.


At the age of eighteen I was training to be a soldier, learning hand-to-hand, firearms, and most importantly I was learning more lethal ways to harness my flames. Though I wasn’t ready for any missions until after I turned twenty.


It was supposed to be a covert operation, in and out with no one seeing us, all black clothes offering cover in the shadows as we snuck in, my mission to set fire to the building from the center. The sneaking wasn’t a problem, getting to the targeted location wasn’t hard, the guards were extremely lazy.


“Flame, go!” My commander whisper-yelled to me, sending me out to start the fire. My eyes glowing brightly as I moved to position, small flames dancing on each finger tip. They had to be hot enough to ruin any chances of identifying bodies. I stood once I had the flames hot enough, the squadron I came in with quickly evacuating. A sigh left me before I pressed on my radio after shooting the flames off into the center of the building. “Flame reporting, I’ve set the flames loose. Over.”


After sending my report I began heading back the way we had come in, though my focus was shattered by one simple sound. A ear-splitting shriek from a young child. I stood from my cover to witness a child being grabbed by what I could only assume was her mother as they ran away from the all too fast flames, the fire quickly catching them and burning them. My eyes were wide, I knew we were here to kill… but a child? Why was a child here?


I reached my commander and the squadron, anger in my eyes. “Commander, there was a child! A little girl! WHY was she there?!” I knew I was being disrespectful, insubordinate, but that didn’t matter to me, I needed answers for why I just murdered a child and her family.
“Agni, this was a strike on the Government leader’s family. We bring down the family, we weaken the leader. Now shut up and lets get going.”


They started leaving, heading towards our extraction point, but I shook my head, turning and bolting into in the opposite direction, towards a dense forest, my eyes burning and my skin itching to loose more flames, though I fought the urge as I ran, not wanting to be apart of this campaign any longer. Thankfully I aced agility exercises and training, shifting my balance for running over roots and other forest debris, though I wasn’t prepared for the waterfall.

I didn’t see it, my focus only on getting away, it was too late. I was falling from the cliff towards the water below, the roar of the waterfall deafening any scream that escaped me.


I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m goi-

The water was surprisingly deep, my limbs flailing to find the surface, once I brought my head out of the water, I gasped, looking around. Something was different. Something didn’t seem right. I turned and turned in the water, gold blonde hair sticking to my face as it came loose from the tight military ponytail.


The waterfall. The waterfall was nothing more than a babbling creek, the forest around me completely different from where I had just fallen.


Where the hell am I?

My Appearance

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Age: 20


Height: 5’3


Skin: Fair with a slight tan


Hair: Golden blonde Length & Style: Her hair reaches her lower back in straight locks, she also has bangs that cover her forehead.

Eyes: Red-orange, glow brightly when using her powers.


Clothing: She wears a form fitting black turtleneck long sleeved shirt. Paired with this shirt is a pair of black pants, though these pants bear touches of golden threading along the sides. She wears black ankle high boots with golden laces.


Powers: Agni is what is known as a Storm-born, a human born from a natural disaster. Her parent storm was a deadly and intense forest fire, thus she has powers of fire.