Intro Video

Who Am I...

Bouncer class protector from the ruins of the city of rapture

My Story Is...

The Bouncer is one of the five functional types of Big Daddies, along with the RosieRumblerAlpha Series, and Lancer. Bouncers are more agile than Rosies, but are entirely ineffective in ranged combat. The Bouncer’s main weapon is an oversized Drill (and in the case of the Elite Bouncer a spinning harpoon) attached to his right arm and powered by the internal combustion engine on his back. They generally attack using powerful blows at close range, with a fast charge being their only offensive long range ability. The Bouncer, along with the Rosie, are the only Big Daddies to have an Elite form.

The Bouncer, like the Rosie, the Rumbler, and the Lancer, has three “moods” that may occur when the player encounters them. These moods appear as the color of the small portholes on the Bouncer’s helmet, along with his wrist.

  • Green Light: A Big Daddy under the effects of Hypnotize Big Daddy will produce a green light from their portholes. These Big Daddies are friendly to the player, and will protect them as if they were a Little Sister.
  • Yellow Light: A Big Daddy with yellow lights emanating from its portholes is neutral to the player, and will not attack them. By default, unscripted Big Daddies always start out in this mood. Some scripted Big Daddies spawn in other moods, but this is just for the purpose of effect.
  • Red Light: A Big Daddy attacked by the player or under the effects of Enrage will produce a red light. In the first case, the Big Daddy will attack the player. In the second, it will attack anyone in its vicinity.
My Appearance

The Big Daddy Bouncer.


When in combat, the Bouncer will produce three different kinds of attack:

  • Drill Slam: In this attack, the Bouncer slams the ground with its drill, causing a tremor in the surrounding area and disorienting anyone in the radius. Usually the Bouncer will follow this up with a Charge; the foe will often be too sluggish to avoid it.
  • Drill Punch: This is the Bouncer’s basic attack, it is accomplished when it drills into its foe. If against a Splicer, the victim is killed instantly. In the case of the player, the attack deals a severe amount of damage, killing the player if they are low on health.
  • Charge: If the victim is far from the Bouncer, it will charge at them at high speed. This knocks the foe back, dealing them damage in the process. In the case of the player, they will also have their camera swung around and temporarily blurred, momentarily disorienting them.
My Secrets Are...

2750 (Normal), 4100 (Elite)

100 (Drill)

140 (Charge)150 (Elite Drill)200 (Elite Charge