B17 Vielfang-Singetail

Intro Video


Theme song: The Spectre-Alan Walker

Deretypes: Doro ,Shun , Yan, and Byoukid
Master: Nobody

+Prefers to go by B17+

Species: Spectre and Human.

+Im a Gl17ch+

B17 full meaning: Bravo-017

Parents: Sage Vielfang-Singetail

A Fighting Club Ref

Notes:. A shrug means I don’t want to answer, and I sigh alot. Is very depressed.

Now training to be a Mage.

Best with: Arctic, Space, and Dark Magic

I have no technical gender in rp.

Meanings of my quotations:+Sign+ “talks” *action* <Narration> (thoughts)

+I’m self aware and can though rarely break the 4th wall

I great people I don’t know with a wave and people I know well with a sort of quick Salute+

<B17 can sing well but isn’t good at talking>


Who Am I...

B17 Br4dl3y Vielfang-Singetail

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Origin Is Unknown

Can play any instrument

Fading . . . .

B17 has been adopted by Sage Vielfang-Singetail

Is a ninja

Thanks to Micah Wintersong and Jen the mute mage, B17 has become a Mage

Dreamers Never Die

My Appearance

Height: Varies
Wears a black cloak with Alan walker’s logo on it., Has dark hair that fades brown and has black tips. my right changes color. My pupils are red, my eyes seem to be empty without emotion. wears a black and orange hoodie (B/O) B/O Vans, B/O headphones, B/O scarf,thick glasses , black pants, and a Black neck scarf, my hair is short. My left eye is covered by my hair so it can’t be seen.

Left eye: Is hidden under my hair but I’ll tell you it’s color anyway.{In rp you won’t know this} The outer part of the eye is black. The colored part is white and it’s pupils are red.

Also the equalizer pattern of the song I play or am listening to appears in a ring around the colored part of my eyes


Exion: One of the artifacts made by the creators of Hellifyno. This one can shapeshift or transform into any instrument that exists in the multiverse. Was found in the arctic forest.

GL1TCH: A Black knife with glowing lines that are in a cybernetic pattern. The knife has a glowing orange 17 on it’s side.

Zeta: A small computer thats located on B17’s left arm.

Sacrifice: A book that was made by the Dreamers who made hellifyno. Their name is unknown. The book writes everything that happens in Hellifyno. It was found in a Labyrinth under Twine.

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