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Parents:(Bio) Melinoe and Epiales (Adpt)Sage Vielfang-Singetail

Speech: High pitched, creepy, and “whispery”, -Calm- ,or +energetic+

Gender: None

B17 is the god/goddess of The unknown ,Crystal ,and Space/Stars

Race:Hybrid (Human-God/goddess-Cat-Demon)

Behavior: Calm, depressed,abit masochistic, and abit homicidal

Youngest of the gods

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My Appearance

B17 wears a DP (Dark Purple) mask that has 2 glowing orange eyeholes with a black spade on the left cheek area with a dp energy emmiting from it, a dp hoodie with orange edges, jeans, and dp-orange vans. Their right eye has a diamond shaped iris that has a pattern that has a brown outer line, a thin orange line and a brown inner one with a triangle shaped dp pupil. Their left is hidden under B17’s hair though it’s iris is a silvery white and star shaped The pupil is red and 4 pointed star shaped shaped. They wear a thick black pair of glasses and their hair color is dp that has a bit of a neon orange fade. B17 has a owl plush they call plushie that has black feathers with orange tips which can transform into a hand puppet or a owl. They wear headphones and has cat like ears.

B17 appears to be around 4-8


Nightmare’s Blade: A special Ninjato given to B17 by their godly father, Epiales.

The Ghostly Reaper: A Scythe given from as you can probably guess, their godly mother Melinoe

The Tome Of Time: A special book that has all of time written within it and will tell who will be reborn as the next time twins after death

The Glass Blade: A blade made of a crystal, that only can form when B17 focuses their power on a diamond

The Twin Muskets: A duo of flintlock looking pistols made from pure space energy combined with a force from the unknown. The left one is called Star and the right is galaxy. What they fire depends on the shooter’s mood.

The shadow shurikens:  A quad of shurikens made by the devil and hades themselves. the 2 made by hades are 5-pointed stars  lucifer’s are 4 pointed.



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