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Chaotic Good 

A chaotic good character does what is necessary to bring about change for the better, disdains bureaucratic organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a high value on personal freedom, not only for oneself, but for others as well. Chaotic good characters usually intend to do the right thing, but their methods are generally disorganized and often out of sync with the rest of society.

Who Am I...

The Vengeful Sniper

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My Story Is...

Think John Wick but with a crocodile instead, that was until he found his way to Hellifyno through a strange portal in the middle of an even stranger battleground. He was immediately sent off to some inn, the Red Sun Inn where he would remain until he found his way to the conflict that was Ar’Elis. Broken memories and dying to protect those he cared about later, he was forfeited to hell for a brief time before being taken to the Collection in thanks to Valno. He would eventually escape to reunite with his allies, but was shunned and exiled before being sent off to a war that was unheard of from history. Another conflict later, he was remade into a Human-Purity hybrid and once again steps on Hellifyno with new friends, new allies, and a whole new outlook on life in an ever-consuming and dark world…


‘For vengeance!’

My Appearance


Standing at 3 feet tall and 30 pounds, he isn’t too hard to spot if he isn’t behind a team or hiding around a corner, ready to fire at any unsuspecting or unlucky targets.


‘Ol’ Knifetooth’ Snaggle: Worn by Croc in memory to his longed-passed pet, it carries the secret of the Knifestom that follows over his head. Yet it seems almost…alive as its eyes will match those of the wearer in emotion.

‘Udjat Mask’ : Refashioned from a strange mask found in Hellgate, its used to summon the Purity that follow Croc. Additionally the mask can loosen to allow for eating via absorbing foodstuffs through the mask, or tightening to behave like a proper face guard.

Survival Vest’: Offers general protection from the elements and damage, does not provide much armor however. Mostly slimmed down for extra pocket space and mobility, but hides a camouflage device so long as he moves slowly he will be hard to spot.




‘Specterstrike’ Sniper Rifle: Designed and made by Croc, this Sniper Rifle has an unusual link to those killed by it and charging shots with armor-piercing radiation to it: Headshotting a foe will result in the weapon claiming their ‘spiritual head’ (Soul) and charge faster, up to 1.5 seconds to charge a shot at six heads. This bonus will decay after around a day all at once. Ammunition is armor-piercing, but lacking against energy-shielded targets.


Medi-Pack Backpack: Always worn on Croc at all times, this backpack produces Medi Nano-Bots that slowly and automatically heal his wounds over time with brief pulses. If Croc does not suffer from more wounds or damage, the healing will focus on what is currently bleeding and increase healing speed to a cap. Open flames, poisons or other harm over time effects will stall the healing over time effect and prevent it from ramping up.


Incision’ Shiv: Made from an incredibly durable plastic, this blade cuts through armor and shields alike. However sharp it may be, a special venom on the blade attacks the veins of the victim: This venom causes massive amounts of bleeding that if left untreated or wrapped, can weaken even the mightiest of beasts. This venom is potent enough to decay the likes of machines and metal along with flesh and bone.

Contracker: A hybrid of a radio and a tablet, Croc uses this in tangent with his mask to have a HUD, make calls, and other conventional uses a phone does.




Summon Elite Purity: Owning a Purity mask that he called the ‘Udjat Mask’, Croc call summon up to three Elite Purities one by one from his Flash Legion to fight alongside him. They match his height of 3 feet tall and wield Sniper Rifles that pierce through all infantry, only stopped by vehicles and buildings. Instead of firing precision rounds they energy beams and instead of self-healing like their summoner, they have a moderate energy shield to protect themselves. They must be within 3 feet of Croc to be summoned/recalled back to the Flash Legion to heal, repair and get back into the fight.


Inner Vengeance: When Croc is damaged moderately or enough anger brews around him, his footsteps with light in briefly-lived flames. The embers from the small fires can melt down small portions of armor as it grows the more frustration and fury is around him. Kicking a foe while this effect is active, it will alight a flame in the target zone and begin melting whatever is in the way. Despite the flame’s ferocity  it will always be snuffed out after a few seconds.


True Knifestorm!: When things go south, and the spirit of revenge and hatred is fueled enough, Croc can command the curious Knifestorm over his head to rain flesh-slicing knives from an area above where he chooses. Knifestorms can range from small ones that cover a 5×5 radius, to a true storm of destruction in a 100×100 radius. The angrier his foes are and the more revenge that builds within him over time, the larger and stronger the storm!


Endless Infamy: Anger is power, wielding it from stress to force is what separates a zealous soldier from a cowardly one. Miro can sense the fury in others, being able to grow physically, spiritually and mentally resilient as a result. Additionally the growing revenge that dwells within him keeps this trait constantly active, but grows stronger around those who are angry and furious. The opposite is also true however: If there is no anger around him, the infamy does not grow. He can’t use his current infamy to increase infamy.


Misc Equipment: These are on Croc at all times, but are commonly used outside of combat.


Scrap Metal (Reclaimed and Refined)

Various Keys

Snack stuffs

Sleeping Bag

Medi Nano-Bot Injections

‘Nerve Overload’ Ammunition 


We’re done here, as you were.

My Secrets Are...

That I carry an unreasonable amount of garlic bread with me at all times.

I Believe...

that my revenge will be carried out in the end, I just have to wait…