Who Am I...

Lola an amnesiac shapeshifter

Romantic Interests

Take a shot

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I woke up roughly a week ago,  I woke up inside of a black room I wandered aimlessly until I found an exit from this weird facility, I remember nothing before this…. I’ve been attacked by people from somekind if secret society all I know is that I must run…. My name is Lola and I have amnesia

My Appearance

Standing roughly at 5’4 with ginger hair and emerald green eyes and  lightly freckled pale skin, supple Ccup bust and a thin waist are mounted too Her wide hips and tight rear. Wearing a black and gray striped shirt and black and white checkered skirt with leather boots, Lola is a lovely shortstack






Absolute adaptation: Lola’s body can adapt too any DNA or technology and implementing them into her body

Hyper mitosis: Lola’s wounds heal at an extraordinary pace

Shapeshifting: using a Her eldritch  body too grow extra appendages too grow claws and even create blades clothes and armor, in more practical uses she can disguise herself and boost her body/ however as a side effect it is both rather painful and exhausting


I Believe...

I will find somewhere safe