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Author’s Note: Please be mindful that this is an 18+ content page. Meaning that there will be mature content woven into any writing we may stumble across. If you are not of legal, consenting 18+ age, please move along.


I was born with an insatiable appetite for self destruction…


Who Am I...

the Bedtime Spook

Romantic Interests

Fuck me like you hate me

Relationship Status

Workin' on the whole 'it's complicated' thing

My Story Is...



‘It’s complicated,’ He paused, turning away. 


His relationships are complicated. Twisted tales of heroism, betrayal, love and loss. But then, isn’t all the great stories made from such? 


Maere loves his mother. Would do anything to protect her at all cost. In short, he’s a mama’s boy. His relationship with his father is a little different. He loves his old man, but he also harbors a deep hatred for him too. It’s like that saying, “In a fight, they’re lethal. Around each other, they melt”. That was his parents to the T. He loathed his father for wanting him to follow in the old man’s footsteps. But for a lesser demon like Maere, a conjurer of nightmares and sleep paralysis, there’s more to him than just torturing those welcomed through the Gates and into eternal damnation. 


His romantic interests are non-existent. Sure, he loved once. An angel that made his blood run hotter than the deepest pits of Hell. Maere has conquests; women he sees on a regular basis that aren’t into settling down, starting a family, yadda yadda. Beneath that tough tattooed exterior, Maere’s got manners, morals, and respect for anyone who doesn’t give consent first.


My Appearance


He is the nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Physical Appearance: He’s of average height, not too tall and not too short. Roughly 6’5 tall, 280lbs of mostly muscle mass, dark bangs, eyes that – for the most part – are obsidian black, but he has been known to shift between exotic brown and devilish red. His skin is lightly bronzed and covered in intricate inkwork (his favorite being the Cthulhu-elephant piece adorning his upper-torso/collarbone region). Sometimes, if you look hard enough, the leathery demon wings on his back sometimes come alive, like they’re breathing. It’s super cool.


Clothing: Aside from his casual wear, the usual: jeans or black slacks, long-sleeve collared button-down shirts, his favorite leather jacket, a couple of super comfortable hoodies (that his late night conquests keep stealing), Maere enjoys sharp black suits and polished leather loafers. Playing dress ups is also fun as he doesn’t mind climbing into a onesie and chilling out on the sofa.






He likes food, physical activity, and terrorizing the locals. 




My Secrets Are...

My bisexuality is none of your concern unless we’re fucking.

I Believe...

Music is life