Alexis Lopunny

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Hybrid of a lopunny and Cinderace/ athlete

Romantic Interests

In all honesty I'm not picky really I would love them no matter the species or gender etc

Relationship Status

I'm not seeing anyone as of now I just have my family and a few friends.

My Story Is...

Name: Alexis lopunny

Nicknames:freak *hates being called this*, punny, Aly, Cinder.

Age: 17

Species: Cinderace and lopunny hybrid.

Fur color: snow white and fiery orange with some black and yellow.

Eye color: fiery orange

Nationality: american

Type of pokemon: Fire/ Normal type

Personality: very optimistic and energetic though acts shy and timid or cocky and overestimating like her dad.

Sexuality: hardcore lesbian ( in her own words)

Zodiac sign: Gemini/ Leo

Parents: bon bon a female lopunny

Emilia a female Cinderace


My Appearance

Cinpunny Ref (Cinderace/Lopunny) - Alice

Her moms:

Honey Calamari Cartoon Animated cartoon Fictional character Illustration
Bon Bon

Cartoon Animated cartoon Illustration


A custom made spas 12 Shotgun

SPAS-12 - 'Typhlosion Breath'

SPAS-12 – ‘Typhlosion Breath

And two semi auto rifles

M21 EBRonze and MB14

M21 EBRonze and MB14

My Secrets Are...
  • Loves swimming in lava
  • Hates water cause it hurts her
  • Anywhere with fire or lava
  • Snuggling with scorbunnies
  • She named her guns
I Believe...

I just believe people can change when they get second chances.