Bretta Longsword



Name: Bretta Longsword

Age: 29

Gender: Female with a bit extra

Race: Human


((Warning:  Any RP with Bretta Longsword is rated 18+ for violence, strong language, and adult situations.  Writer discretion is advised.))

My Story Is...

Bretta was a simple barbarian woman, living out her days peacefully in the mountains near her tribe.  While other women of the tribe sought to lure a strong man to take them as a wife, Bretta was always exploring the countryside and practicing with weapons in secret, her mind filled with visions of glory and battle.  Despite all her dreams though, Bretta always knew deep down that she would live out her days just as every other woman of the tribe, just as all the others had always told her.  She and they never knew how truly wrong they were in that prediction.


From the plains neighboring the mountains, a rival barbarian tribe moved into the area hoping to expand their territory for wild game during the coming winter.  Catching Bretta’s tribe asleep in the night, the plains tribe slaughtered them all and looted everything they could carry, before setting fire to the small encampment and returning to their homes.  Bretta would return from her latest excursion into the mountains, to a smoking pile of ash that had once been everything she knew in this world.


The young woman was strong though.  He explorations had made her harder, more experienced.  Her play practice had given her a good start on all the weapons that her tribe had known the use of.  A few days of scavenging what few leavings there were of her former home netted Bretta some simple leathers for clothes, several unfinished weapons from where the forge had been burned to the ground, and enough supplies to get herself out into the more plentiful wilderness where she could forage for sustenance.  The weapons, though unfinished, were still more than done enough for the crude sharpening Bretta had done on them to serve until she could trade up.


Bretta followed the tracks to the camp of the tribe that had killed her own, watched them gorge themselves on the alcohol and food and plunder they had taken from the people she had loved.  Then, when they had all fallen asleep or passed out in stupor, Bretta snuck into the camp and killed them all.


Since then, Bretta Longsword has traveled far and wide, doing whatever she wished and having grand adventures that would be spoken of in song and tale.  Along the way, the barbarian women stumbled across magics arcane and numerous, some even leaving her with certain curses and blessings.  Bretta has long learned to live with the cards she has been dealt, as her journeys had never uncovered a method of releasing the magic.  All attempts she made were met with either fraud or failure.

My Appearance

Bretta is a barbarian born, easily standing 7 feet tall and very clearly muscled.  Her skin is tanned from long lengths of time spent outdoors, though it is strangely soft and nearly flawless despite her rough manner of living.  Her hair is a flaming red that hangs to her mid back in a mane of wild tresses and her eyes are a vibrant green that seem to light up whenever her adrenaline gets worked up.  Due to her carefree lifestyle and attitude, Bretta wears very little beyond some leather and metal armor plates that only just cover the essentials to keep her modesty.