Bron Wachovaya


General Info
Full name: Bron Wachovaya
Nickname(s): Vaya, Bron, Wacko
Age: Hard to say
Birthday: Classified

“I have to show them that Bron Wachovaya is no one’s bitch.?

Supernatural Info

Species: Immortal Human – Unknown
Weapon: Bron primarily uses his magic as a weapon though he has been known to use his fists and even a blade from time to time.
Power rating: 6. He isn’t overpowered but he does have enough strength to put himself up against the supernaturals around him.

“I’m tired of protecting one person at the expense of everyone else.”

Height: 6’5”
Bron has several tattoos in unseen areas and the only people who have seen them are those who have gotten close enough to him that a relationship has been initiated.
Skin tone: Sort of an olive tone with sun kissed complexion
Hair: It’s hard to tell what his hair style is going to be from one day to the next, though he does have dark brown hair that is usually kept shoulder length, in a ponytail or straight.
Eyes: There’s nothing special about his eyes which are green.

“You want people to think you’re a selfish bastard so that when they walk away, they won’t know how badly they’ve hurt you. But I know it hurts, Bron. No matter how much armor you put on, it still hurts.?

Accent: Bron has a small accent though it’s hard to place where it originates. It could be southern or it could just be something from another country altogether on Earth. Some words come out a bit stronger with it than others.
Language(s): Bron speaks French, Bulgarian, Russian, Latin, and Greek.

“I sold bootleg liquor to the other juvenile delinquents in my school and then it was just a hop skip and a jump to all of this.”

Physical condition: Bron is in peak physical condition, or at least that’s what he wants you to think. The truth is, after everything that’s happened to him over the years, his knees are bad, his elbows too, and he’s got screws and plates in places they aren’t meant to be. He is something of a Doctor Frankenstein’s tormented subject.
Mental condition: His mental condition is great, though there are gaps in his memories that can’t be broken through. He suffers from depression and anxiety but who wouldn’t after everything he’s been through? He’s something of a bad guy who likes pushing people away so he doesn’t end up hurt. That’s not the least of his mental conditions, though.


“So what? You gonna chop her head off with a hatchet? — Better than flipping her off…”



Romance and Orientation
Sexual orientation: Misaki Yoko
Romantic orientation: Bron is demi-sexual. There usually has to be some strong connection before he is romantically attracted to someone.
Status: Single currently but also not really looking


“It all started when I was 5 years old. My unicorn got run over by a tractor..”

Usual personality: Bron is the cool, collected type who never seems to take anything seriously. He has a habit of pushing people away, of acting the bad guy in most scenarios but he seems to somehow pull through in a crisis.
Hidden personality: Bron actually cares about everything in his own way. He’s afraid of being hurt so generally takes the offense if he notices something coming that might do just that. This includes but is not limited to when he is in a relationship and his partner has grown distant. He’ll mess up on purpose, even though he doesn’t really want to, just to prove to himself the other person meant to leave him regardless.


“So… Is this your first time destroying a supernatural entity with a book?”