Who Am I...

I'm Brooklyn! I'm a 17 year old girl who is trying to find myself and love, as well as get away from my abusive family.

Romantic Interests

I'm looking for a boy or a girl it doesn't really matter love is love

My Story Is...

I’ve finally ran away from my abusive family, I was always the weird one and my family hated it. I just want to be loved… I’m lost in a magical forest trying to find a way out.

My Appearance

hair- light brown, curly, in to buns with bangs
eyes- a pastel yellow (they change with mood)
skin- a light caramel color with freckles all over
clothes ect.- a yellow polka dot shirt with a light blue pair of jean shorts and pastel yellow converses and a yellow head band

My Secrets Are...

I am a partly corrupted angel.

I Believe...

love is love & everyone is perfect in their own way