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“Mmmm YummyImagen relacionadaBubblegum or Gum has no memories before she turned into her humanoid form. she only has pieces of shatter memories. Of being some kind of slime creature also sometimes she can see some flashbacks of the human that the slime absorbed leaving her the constant question was she the slime or the girl?. Gum does not really know and she gives little thought about it.
Before the BubblegumResultado de imagen para android 21

Doctor Melissa Meyers was interested in bacteria and the beginnings of life. Searching the truth about evolution. In her ambition, Meyers conducted experiments on countless bacteria. from plants humans and animals. Still, she never found the answer to her question. Until one night an accident happened, some of her chemicals fell to one of her tests and something strange happened. The bacteria reacted by the chemicals and began to evolve, finally, she could see an evolution with her own eyes. the bacteria grew larger and larger with each passing day to the point that it was visible by the eyes.  In the following months, the bacteria turned into a pink slime that needed bigger things to feed Mayes started to use mouses and ended up using even cats and dogs..making it grown even bigger. As time passed the slime continued to adapt and grow until one point it was as big as a car.  The slime using the abilities granted by its food… Mind-controlled at the doctor by using all sorts of pheromones to make her feel attracted it to it. and once she fell into its trap the Doctor was also absorbed by the slime.Resultado de imagen para android 21 hentai futa Basic Info

Name: Bubblegum
Nick: Gum
high: 5’4
chest measures: D 36
sex: female
status: single
likes: candies and sweets
Sexuality: Bisexual
eyes: black and red
Personality: Chaotic neutral
The catchphrase” mmm you look yummy ”

little things about her

When she absorbs someone who satisfies her needs and lust for power her body produces pheromones that turn Bubblegum in a lustful state of desire.
Bubblegum loves sweets but her favorites are the cherry ones.
Bubblegum’s emotions are better or easier to see through her tail movements. when she is happy she waves her tail. when she is sad her tail is down.



Bubblegum is very narcissistic and sadistic.  She also loves power and whoever posses it. Still, she is not 100% loyal since she is capable of betraying someone to obtain more power. When it comes to romance Bubble gum likes dominant people. Someone who can dominate her and keep her on the ground still she feels attraction to both female and male genders even so she is more attracted to males. Bubblegum is also addicted to all kind of sweets, but not for any bad reason. Her unusual body needs constant sugary things to maintain its energy.

Absorption.:  Gum is able to absorb people. Once she is successful she will copy all that person’s abilities and even some personality or body traits.
Shapeshift: Gum is able to modify her body in the way that she pleases to a point that she could turn her body parts into weapons.
KI: Bubblegum is now a Ki user she has the ability to fly and throw power beams from the tip of her fingers. this was thanks to her now EXboyfriend Cain.
Chakra/Justsu: Upon defeating many ninjas of Konoha village Gum was able to learn how to use this type of energy that allowed her to use new abilities.
Six Paths mode: This ability was acquired after the fight she had against a ninja named Naruto.  By doing this ability Gum physical abilities increase. 40 times more than normal. She is able to use the Chakra like additional hands and body parts to protect and attack there are 9 in total.

Who Am I...

a gum