Buggsy Grinwrinkle

Who Am I...

Imma Buggsy Grinwrinkle… geez can't cha read

Romantic Interests

Confidentially… she's allsa guy can handle if ya knows wats I means..

Relationship Status

Taken by me's Moll … Roxy

My Story Is...

Issa plead da 5th onsa grounds Issa could goes to jail.


Lets me’s Associate Mr. Grum Explain.


Grum in a very proper British accent: My employers and I are travelers of a sort. We are from another space/time continuum. I hail from a planet which has an equatorial circumference of 428952 kilometers, the gravity is approximately 7.5 times that of Earth standard which means if a man weighed 50 kilos on Earth he would weigh 375 kilos on my planet. Because of this and the very dense atmosphere we have developed into a rather hearty race. Our molecular structure approaches the density of Depleted Uranium which renders most if not all conventional firearms useless, it also tends to disrupt particle beam and energy weapons. It is very fortunate that most of my race are not hostile as very few creatures can match us. My employer and my associate Ms. Roxy are Outworlders, creatures of a chaotic dimension that is squeezed in between the Material Plane and all other dimensions. As such they are not governed by normal physical laws and can manipulate them as easily as a child plays with building blocks.


Issa gots mees a warehouse da size offa solar system. Iffun Issa aints gots it. Den joos donts needs it see.

My Secrets Are...

Wat are ya… are yousa G-Man?