SSG Michael Nantz

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Who Am I...

Staff Sergeant of the UCF (Unified Coalition Forces)

Romantic Interests

War and Peace

Relationship Status

Military Report – Divorced

My Story Is...

Military Record –

Name: Michael Nantz

Military Occupational Specialty: 0100INF ( Infantry Code of the UCF)

Time in Service: 13 years (12 years prior service in United States Marine Corps before transferred to UCF)

Service Tag: US303104 (United States Origin)

Current Assignment: Operation Brink

Current Unit: 304th Stryker Brigade, 3rd Battalion, 1st Company (1-3 “Dark Horse”)

Military Schools:

*Advanced Leadership Course – US Military Provided*

*USMC Scout Sniper Training – US Military Provided*

*Airborne Jump School – US Military Provided*

*Air Assault School – US Military Provided*

*Ranger Course – US Military Provided*

*Field-Medic Training – US Military Provided*

Prior Missions: Classified by USMC, United States Government


Personal Record-

Age: 31

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 193 LBS

UCF Fitness Test: Pass (High Marks)

UCF Marksmanship Test: Pass (High Marks)

Family: None




4x Standard  UCF Issue Urban-Camouflage Top / Bottoms

5x Standard UCF Issue Tan Socks

2x Standard UCF Tan Boots

1x Standard UCF Issue Kevlar

1x Standard UCF Issue Vest w/ Back, Front, Hip Plates

1x Standard UCF Issue Rucksack

1x Standard UCF Issue M4A1 Rifle

1x Personal Bought ACOG Scope

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

Always Forward, Never Backward.