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*** This profile changes sometimes frequently to reflect changes with the character Check back often***

Who Am I...

Unknown to most, though he's taken to flaunting his gypsy heritage

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My Story Is...

Pronounced Bull*v-eye or Bool*wye depending on if he’s relaxed or drunk enough for his accent to slip out  – Bulvi has been around a long time.Many lands, many places, with loyalty to few.   He enjoys solitude for the most part, gets irritated easily and prefers the honestly of common folk to the pomp and show of nobility.    He may be a judgmental sort, but with reason and he’s not without compassion, not that he’s been shown much of that throughout his life but salvation often comes disguised as defeat, and so, through the greatest of falls into the pits of despair he’s come to a place of position, wealth and comfort, though by looking at him you might not know it.
He believes in a good days work and spends his time between working and trying to relax in the Tavern.

Personality: – Bulvi can perhaps best be described as “prickly” – he may be physically attractive still but he’s not a friendly sort.  He is highly judgmental and quick to accurately sum up most situations which is probably the main reason he’s still alive.  He doesn’t trust without reason and never forgets a kindness or a betrayal.  He views those who call themselves ‘gods’ as nothing more than pleasantly formed and snobbish demons.  And if a female comes up to drape herself on him she’s either a prostitute or an assassin.  His personality has a tendency to shift from one extreme to the other but not without reason or provocation. When he wants to learn the truth he finds poking the bear to be the quickest method and isn’t afraid of ruffling feathers to get what he needs.  In short the word ‘nice’ is not used to describe him. 

My Appearance


Add 20 years to the profile picture and you have him.  Black hair, dark eyes. 5 ft 8 in tall. Lean and still muscular with a somewhat predatory smile.  Though in his own lands he normally dresses all in  black, to denote his position and trade-  in this place he’s come to wear a calmer manner of clothing, a pair of brown leather breaches, a simple muslin shirt with a lace up neck line going down his chest.   A black onyx carved rose hangs at his neck – a gift from someone who touched his soul
Below that his  bronze triskelion medallion  hangs on a leather cord.

He always wears long sleeves and If the cuffs are raised at all can be seen underneath the soft leather cuffs that are laced over his wrists.   He’s very much of the old ways and this is reflected in his dress, mannerisms and logic. His speech varies from extremely clear, formal and nobility educated to simple common tongue to even the strong accent of his mother’s people.  On his belt he carries a leather pouch with silver ring kit, and a dagger. 



Though he normally appears as pictured he has other clothing of the following appearance which he wears as an ensamble:  A fine black linnen shirt with silver bracers emblazened with black onyx roses- a pair of salwar breeches – a Crimson sash with flames woven into the design – a pair of black leather boots with kitsune and roses stitched onto the leather and a pair of silver handled Shamshirs

Up at the crack of dawn every morning, his hands are those of a working man with appropriate callouses.  Each day is spent mostly the same way.  Mornings are for training with his horses, keeping them attended, limber, alert, and clean -doing the chores of living – gathering firewood, chopping it, fetching water, seeing to the vardo etc. once done he sees to his travelling trade –   selling his wares, consulting the odd client or preforming manual labor for coin, food or shelter. If  things are particularly slow you may come upon him doing this laundry by the stream or laying n the grass using one of his horses as a pillow.


He frequently carries items which are hidden about his person one which he’s seen with often is a small leather flask that has a green narcotic  liquid in it which he often sips from but rarely offers to share.  Similar leather flasks are carried in his vardo with similarly unusual contents


On his back, when travelling to the Inn he sometimes carries a mandolin in a leather case which he uses to pass time because there is nothing worse than sitting alone in a tavern with nothing to do. 


He wears tall boots, which depend upon his attire, a brown worn pair when he’s dressed relaxed, a black pair when he’s dressed formally.  He possesses a  pair of light curved swords – shamshirs, and a bullwhip, but his visible weapons are usually not carried.




He travels with two horses, one black as night, a well muscled war horse and the other a Vanner to pull his vardo.  And if you pass his vardo on your way into town you will see a strip of leather tacked up on the side of it it full of horse brasses which to the trained eye profess his abilities and what he is for hire to do, but most times he will simply set out a sign reading “Horses trained, fields tended, cooper & courrier”.   


My Secrets Are...

Secrets: jiv’undus jabbuk ,ex slave trader/trainer, ex mercnary – retired (mostly) military strategist for HRH Edvart “Edward” Charles Montriqual of Aufsterheim, ex headsman, and ex slave. 

 **Magic Disruptor** – Though he can control this to some extent, magic can go very wrong in his presence and thus he has a strong distrust for most magic users and will generally avoid magic when he can especially if there is healing to be done. 

addendum:  (for you newbies – a Magic Disruptor is NOT immune to magic but can cause magic to misfire, back fire or “appear” to be nullified it is however  –never truly nullified- but the effects may not be readily seen or known.  He is in essence a magic void- a magnet- which absorbs magic/psionic energy in his direct vicinity especially any magic aimed at him.  He can if holding on to a magic user – drain that being temporarily of all magic at great risk to himself.  ((if your character uses magic this is the character that can, at least for a short time, render that magic useless – again he is NOT Immune – his effects are temporary NOT permanent and he does take damage whether or not it’s immediately visible.))


He has other secrets to be sure, but those he will never speak of.  Mostly, however, he’s an open book, with little shame of his past and some measure of pride about it – one has but to ask.


If you travel down the right road you may find his camp at Gypsy Camp Forum 


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I Believe...

I believe I'll have another drink