Det. Keira Mercer


Detective Keira Mercer

bunny wabbit

Keira holding one of her revolvers.


Height: 5’10 (including the ears)

Weight: 136 lbs

Age: ~21

Sex & Gender: Female, Bisexual (leaning more towards boys, but would be fine with either)

Personality: Keira, for the most part, is quite serious about her job. She’s gained a reputation for being one of the top detectives around, and also one of the toughest to catch. She’s really a borderline spy once you consider what she’s done for her clients. What has she done, exactly? That information is well-hidden, and you’d be lucky to get a peep out of Keira about its whereabouts or contents. The number of professionals that can match her abilities in her occupation is few, maybe even zero. It takes a lot to get into her heart, and even if you were to do that, don’t expect her to be unoccupied. Only those she trusts are able to see her friendly side, and with how clever she can be, you may hope you’re one of them.


Abilities: Keira is known to have supernatural hearing and sight. It’s been said she can hear someone dropping a bottle cap from a kilometer away. In addition, it seems that she can determine the precise location of any moving object, using nothing but her mind. She’s never been experimented on to figure that out, due to fears of screwing up her abilities if her brain is picked open. Of course, rabbits are known for their impressive physical capabilities — Keira is no different. If you’re on foot, good luck outrunning her.

Who Am I...

You read that already. Unless you're lazy.

Romantic Interests

No can do, unless you're REALLY worth my time…

Relationship Status

I'd rather be alone than dealing with some boy who's only in it for the physical crap. Don't be walking into my messages wanting smut, you'll get nowhere.

My Story Is...

Pretty bold of you to ask me that.

My Appearance

I already showed it to you, but whatever. Here’s a link.


A couple of concealed revolvers, and a hidden dagger. Said dagger is infused with dark energy, which is a fancy way of saying that if I slice you up, you’ll start disappearing, bit by bit, as if Thanos snapped. Of course, I also have another hidden dagger that’s just an ordinary weapon. You’ll never know which one I’m using until you’re bleeding and I’m already gone.

My Secrets Are...

Nope. Get off my profile. It’s not gonne be THAT easy.

I Believe...

You reap what you sow, whether in the form of karma or revenge.