XJ-9 "Jenny"



Who Am I...

Female robot/teenager/ vigilante

Romantic Interests

Um I'm not picky about the gender of them..

Relationship Status

Single as of now

My Story Is...

Thanks to having advanced artificial intelligence, Jenny’s personality is that of an eager, young, tomboyish teenager. She desires a sense of freedom but also wants acceptance from her peers. She generally possesses a kind personality and likes anything pertaining to teenage activities, but becomes agitated when her mother or her duties get in her way of her enjoyment. Unfortunately, being kind and sweet, she is easily trusting of others and, as a result, can be quite naive. The Crust Cousins, Brit and Tiff, have often taken advantage of this for self-gain or to humiliate Jenny. Despite this, she can also be mischievous, hotheaded, careless, and stubborn at times, but always learns from her mistakes.

In her duties as a crime fighter and global responder, she is vigilant and determined to get the job done, though she can be reckless and quick to jump the gun in very few instances.

My Appearance

Normal appearance
Jennyplans-grey.jpgXJ-9’s model plan.

Jenny stands at 6.6 feet (1.98 m) tall and weighs roughly 600 lbs. She has blue “pigtails” with bolts connecting them to her head that can act as rocket boosters, blue “bangs”, white skin, blue “clothes” (a crop top, a miniskirt and boots), a belly-bolt (a bolt that simulates a belly button) which doubles as a linchpin (as mentioned in “Around the World in Eighty Pieces“), hands with 4 fingers each and center holes, a “false nose”. Jenny has no ears, instead possessing an auditory system “decades ahead of its time” (“Ear No Evil“). Her body processes are carried out by a fully-functional, metallic electronic brain, which her eyes are connected to (“Mind Over Matter“). Her body also contains several access ports for downloading, charging, and other purposes.

Disguised human appearance

Jenny has been able to don a pseudo-human form in her ambition to be a normal teenage girl on two occasions:

In “Raggedy Android”, Nora designed an Exo-Skin for Jenny to freely go around in public during a amusement park event, but the first prototype skin was rushed in production within a day, which resulted in an exo-skin looking more akin to an old ragdoll that ended up scaring everyone at the park. By the end of the episode, Jenny decided to take off the Exo-Skin and reveal her true nature, and has since been able to blend into society freely as a robot.

In “The Return of Raggedy Android“, after the owner of Mezmers (Mr. Mezmer) refused to serve robots, Jenny goes to her mother to use the exo-suit again. This time, Nora had made improvements to the suit to make Jenny look more human — human enough to fool anyone to believe that Jenny was a real girl. However, the skin ended up possessing a mind of its own and began persuading Jenny to act like a “normal girl” by dropping her robotic identity and adopting a persona of a girl more focused on diets and not getting her hands dirty. However, one day as Mezmers was being raided by the Space Bikers and the exo-skin constraining her from confronting the bandits, Jenny poured a chocolate milkshake on herself, making the skin short-circuit and come off, giving Jenny her freewill back and being the vigilant hero she has always been.

While disguised as a “human” in her Exo-Skin, Jenny had light skin with freckles and rosy cheeks. She had red hair tied into two pigtails with black bows. She wore a blue dress with short sleeves, short skirt, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.

  • Superhuman Strength: According to the opening, Jenny has the strength of one million and seventy men, but the exact magnitude is unknown. This is because her strength, like most of her powers, has fluctuated over the series. She has thrown an entire alien spaceship into orbit around the Sun, which puts her lifting strength beyond 300 gigatons of force.
  • Superhuman Running Speed: She can run faster than even the finest human athletes.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: She has superhuman reaction speed.
  • Superhuman Agility: Jenny’s agility is far beyond that of even an olympic level athlete, as is her balance and coordination.
  • Superhuman Durability: Her outer shell is made from an extremely durable titanium alloy, built to withstand heavy impacts and damage, (though this ability can be inconsistent, as she has been blown up by dynamite and torn up before). However, her internal mechanisms are generally less durable and are much easier to damage.
  • Superhuman Stamina: As a robot, she can exert herself for hours, sometimes days before she runs out of energy.
  • ?Superhuman Hearing: Jenny shows that she has super hearing from the first episode by burning a hole into a frisbee that was about to hit her in the back of her head.
  • Telescopic Vision: She can see further than any human being.
    • Electromagnetic Vision: She has the ability to see different kinds of EM spectrum, some of them real, some others fictional:
      • Digital Vision: Makes everything looks like an 8-bit video game
      • Ultraviolet Vision: The ability to see ultraviolet light.
      • Infrared Vision: The ability to see heat radiation.
      • X-Ray Vision: The ability to see through solid objects.
      • Rainbow Vision: Makes everything look multicolor, with a 60’s style.
      • “Heat” Vision: Makes everything look “hot” (i.e. Dr. Wakeman wearing a bathing suit while everything else is melting).
      • Sausage Vision: Makes everything look like sausages.
  • Flight: Jenny has rocket boosters to fly located in her feet, sprouted wings and her “hair”. She can travel to the Moon in about 5 seconds, meaning she can travel at 1/4 the speed of light. She also flew to the opposite side of a hurtling Sun in 6 seconds, making her maximum potential for speed 83 times the speed of light.
  • Various Weaponry: Jenny’s signature fighting style, consisting of unfolding a nearly unlimited number of weapons from inside her own mechanized body, although seeming random, are always chosen to fit the situation, even when looking absurd.
    • Shiva Swords: She sprouts 4 additional arms, and then forms swords out of all 6 of her arms.
    • Buzzsaw Arms
    • Heat Gun: Can reach temperatures of up to 1,700 °F.
    • Fire and Ice Blasters: Instantly melted and then froze asphalt respectively.
    • Fists of Fury: Giant Spiky Fists.
    • Drill Hair & Feet
    • Mighty Mallets: Giant Hand Hammers.
    • Electro Claw
    • Thunder Fist: Giant Flail.
    • Stun Grenade Gun: No explosive to be seen, but can reportedly fire at up to 125 rounds per second.
    • Tesla Cannon
    • Hair Razor-Rang: Razor Boomerang.
  • Energy Beam: She can fire energy blasts from her hands, feet, chest, eyes and “hair”. She also has a wide array of weapons to do so, most notable being her “Laser Limb”.
  • Stretchy Arms and Extendo-Fingers: She can stretch out her arms and fingers for miles. In “Raggedy Android” she used this ability to stop a runaway Ferris wheel, wrapping at least 7 times around it.
  • Shapeshifting: She can shapeshift into several (robotic) forms, such as a giant spider. “Victim of Fashion” shows that she can adapt new forms simply by scanning the imagery.
  • Repairs: She can remotely re-wire herself if she’s damaged or destroyed, as well as simply replace limbs, such as her legs and her head.
  • Multilingualism: Jenny has integrated CDs containing data for every single language in the world, allowing her to speak every language known to mankind.
  • Corrosive Reflex: She can defend herself by using The Acid Reflex Lamination, made by triple polycarbonate lamination. This protects her against corrosive substances.
My Secrets Are...

Mine to keep to myself

I Believe...

Oh well in nothing really