Morgan Rue


Hello, Reader!  My name is Morgan Rue! I’m a witch and I excel in the arts of Restoration! Sure I dabble in the dark arts at times, but my bread and butter is Restoration magics. Potion brewing and trinket selling is my game! I’m also available for scroll commissions! I take all forms of currency backed by Gold or another exotic metal. I’m currently earning my living by selling magic and magic accessories! No, not propane… sorry.

NOTE: Morgan Rue does NOT RP. I’m using her to write stories and have conversations. I do not enjoy Roleplaying with other people, but I do enjoy writing stories for others to read. Perhaps my stance will change someday… but i have had unpleasant encounters which makes me wanna solo for a bit. Sorry in advance.

Who Am I...

Morgan Rue, a Heretic of Restoration