Byron Magrath


Name: Byron Magrath

Age: 52

Romantic Interests: Grace Masters

Relationship Status: Committed to one

Long ago, when man was nothing but prey for the creatures that haunted the darkness and the cold places of the world, a man known only as Magrath suffered great loss to the creatures of the night.  Enraged and horrified by these creatures, but knowing that he stood no chance against them with his frail human body and weapons meant to be used against other men, Magrath set out to study and learn all he could of the monsters.  So that he could learn more about his enemies.  Through his lifelong study, Magrath created weapons designed to kill the creatures, filled books with notes on their weaknesses and strengths.  And at last, the man discovered a process through which man could take the strengths of the monsters for themselves.  Using his own blood as a catalyst, Magrath created a potion that could purify blood of all negative traits, then pass the positive traits onto the imbiber.  But due to the catalyst used, only Magrath or his descendants could use the potion.



Magrath went on to become a powerful force against the darkness, so much so that the creatures of the night feared his coming and told whispered stories of his passing.  Passing his secrets onto his children before he died, and then his children’s children, and then onward in an unbroken line of monster hunters for hundreds of years.



Byron was born in the Victorian era and began instruction in the family arts from his father as soon as he could hold a weapon.  By that time, his mother had already been lost in an attack by monsters against the family home.  An attack that nearly crippled his father and was only just barely repelled.  In the aftermath, the rage of the Magrath family took hold and Byron pushed himself to absorb the teachings of his father at an almost frenzied rate.



With axe and gun, he tore into the creatures of the dark, hunting them without mercy and with single minded purpose.  By the age of eighteen, he was already known in his own right by the monsters rather than just as the next Magrath.  Vicious and relentless, casting tidings of death on any creature that crossed his path.  For more than thirty years, Byron tore a bloody swathe through the supernatural world, until at last even they could not sustain the numbers to fight back against him.  In desperation and despair, the witches and vampires, werewolves and ghouls, hatched a plan to banish the hunter and remove the threat of the Magrath curse once and for all.  Hidden so deeply that not even his investigations could find them, the monsters performed a ritual of the darkest magics and sacrificed many immortal lives and souls to cast Byron from their world and into the unknown.



It was then that he awoke on Hellifyno.


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Who Am I...

A hunter

My Appearance

Byron stands 7’4″ tall and weighs a rather slim 200 lbs for his height.  With a lean and incredibly athletic build, he often seems lanky and with almost unnaturally long arms.  Byron has light blue eyes and dark brown hair, a common trait of the Magrath family, and he is most commonly dressed in his hunting gear.  A set of black pants and trench coat made of leather and thin armor plates to offer small protection from monsters without impacting agility, as well as silk underclothing to allow freedom of movement.  Beneath his cloth face mask, he keeps a well trimmed beard that lightly covers his chin on either side.





Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed


Enhanced senses

Slowed aging