Who Am I...

Crimson F. and Carson H. Luciferson; the first twins born to Lucifer

Romantic Interests

All Genders

My Story Is...

Crimson and Carson were born a few years before Christ. They were Lucifer’s first pair of twins, and his second strongest pair of children. They roamed the Earth in search for people dumb enough to make contracts with them. These twins are inseparable, and usually share a lover. So if one was to fall for Carson or Crimson, they’d have to fall for the other as well eventually. They are now here roaming about Hellifnyo, their lives boring and bland before. But now they wish to spice things up by finding a forever mate. Also known by some as a soulmate.

My Appearance

They have black hair and crimson red eyes.
They both have fair skin, but not ghostly white skin.
Carson’s hair reaches to his shoulders and is somewhat wavy.
Crimson’s hair goes a little past her shoulders and is somewhat wavy as well.
Carson has a pair of jet black demon wings, elf like ears and sharp canines.
Crimson has a long rusty purple demon tail, demon horns growing upwards just above her ears and sharp canines.
They both usually wear black.
Carson always wears a choker on his neck while Crimson always has a bracket; The bracelet and choker always matches


Other things

My Secrets Are...

None of your concern