Cactus Wren

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Who Am I...

Cactus Wren.. but you may call me Wren

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My Story Is...

That’s the odd thing about Wren, Nobody knew much about her. She was generally quiet and rather intimidating. Rumor has it that she was a part of a major accident as a child (hence her scars and damaged leg.) She’s lived in the desert for as long as anyone had known her and it was unclear where her origins are.

My Appearance

Wren is a relatively tan, tall, strongly built woman with sandy blonde hair which she usually had pulled back into a loose braid. Her eyes are a piercing yellow and often flitting about her like an anxious hawk. She has a long scar that stretched from her right upper lip down to the base of her neck, as well as two larger scars across the back of her neck. Under her clothing, there are more scars, though it’d be a tricky thing to get her to show them. She walks with a limp, as a large chunk of muscle had been clawed or burned out of her left leg. She usually could be seen wearing a tan headscarf that swept over her shoulders and hung down her body in tattered rags. She wore a faded red shirt and tight leather pants. On her leather belt was held a sheath for her long sword which she hardly ever used. Also on her belt hung a red coyote tail, as well as a rabbit skin pouch. On her feet were brown leather boots which her long black cape swept down to. Overall she was foreign-looking and weathered. She couldn’t have been younger than twenty.


Her long sword, the coyote tail, and her rabbit skin pouch.

She also now walks with a staff to help support her old injured leg.

My Secrets Are...

That I am a dragon in disguise, and that at the age of five I was nearly killed in an magic experiment gone horribly wrong.

I Believe...

That even the most broken people are still capable of great things.