Cain Wright


Mark of Wright If you are given this mark your soul will rest in heaven but while alive you will be enhanced beyond anything your mind could ever hope for

Internal Flame when using this flame whatever my eyes look at I can burn out of existence the only way these flames can be extinguished is if I close both of my eyes

Edo rebirth upon activation I am able to give life back to whoever and whatever I want to

Ice Chamber using this power I can trap whoever makes eye contact with me during a battle in an inescapable prison of ice


Who Am I...

Elder Demon

Romantic Interests

If love is a truth then why dose it hurt but if it is a lie then why dose it help

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

As you sit there dying I will tell you a story that is not often told unlike the demons you see every now and then I was never human. No, I was the first demon known as the elder demon you see when God created me he did not have a purpose for me. So I went into a slumber laying in my bed you see I rule a different version of hell the first version to be exact. My hell was called Nimbus Mortaren I reside in my castle Durfire So there I lay sleeping until that fateful day. The day the devil as you know him rose up against your God followed by his fateful ally’s the fallen angels once they were cast out of heaven and sent to the hell everyone knows about I was awakened. My Job well what you have to know is that I am leagues beyond the devil and all who follows him so I keep the devil under my control without him knowing. But as every new age sprung up I soon grew tired of being evil so every age I step onto earth and find someone to care for. Now you must be thinking surely if you fall in with a human you would give them internal life. To answer that question no I don’t why would I give that curse to someone and make them watch everyone they ever loved die just so they could be with me for a never-ending life. You see I have accepted that I will lose the ones I care for now the question is now that you are at deaths gate where are you going to end up I guess we will soon see.

My Appearance

When standing at my full height I am six foot four my eyes are very light blue while my skin is pale I have long silver hair that curls near the end also a bushy silver beard and mustache what I wear is a gray duster coat under that is a dark brown button up shirt around my neck is a dark brown leather strip tied into a necklace holding the wedding ring of my first human wife I also wear dark blue jeans with a black leather belt that has a gold belt buckle with a white cross I also have old brown cowboy boots and at time I can be seen wearing a white cowboy hat

My Secrets Are...

After countless ages of living with humans, I have found that all are not so bad

I Believe...

Everyone gets at least one chance to truly prove who they are