Neil Sterling

Who Am I...

I don't know. But… My hope is that I am myself.

My Story Is...

I am… still piecing that back together. I remember being a cat. I remember dying. And coming back. And… doing something in the middle… and then I was torn apart and put back together. And… I am something else, now. I don’t know what I am, but I know that… I lied to my ‘family’. A lot. Enough that it… is strange that… someone claimed by one of them found me. And… We made an agreement, of a sort. For a while. But… I have to figure out what was me and what wasn’t when I was in his head. It’s time for me to learn who I am again.

My Appearance

…pale. My primary forms are a human-shape, which is 5’2″ and… small. And a cat shape with white fur. And… Maybe a spark of light. Or even just a spark.