Calihan Ren/ Clinton Palpatine ( Onyx Emperor of FGURO)(Mandalorian)

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Face Claim Din Dajin The Mandalorian TV Series/ Jeremy  Renner’s Hawkeye from Avengers/ MCU movies


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The Mandalorian & The Darksaber #Darksaber #Mandalorian in 2020 ...

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Calihan Ren a force sensitive mandalorian warrior

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Calihan Ren/ Clinton Palpatine was raised during the Empire in secret away from his grandfather Sheeve Palpatine. The Mandalorian armor smith raised him after the Empire killed his parents but when he got old enough and his force powers grew his adopted mother sent him to a Jedi Rouge that she knew and he trained with him for several years, till the Jedi fell to an ambush by first-order soldiers. Clint was out hunting and came back to find his master dead.  He was found by Kylo Ren and brought into the Knights of Ren. His grandfather being Darth Sidious/ Sheeve Palpatine.

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Rifle blaster ( Desinagration rounds), hand blaster ( Plasma rounds),  grenades( Fire/Ion/Emp). Two Amber lightsabers and the Blackwing Darksaber of the Onyx Empire, Beskar armor, Phoenix fire jet pack,  Vambracers, Whistling Bird missiles. A Vyjun Energy Bow,  Favorite drink: Narcolethe

The Blackwing Crystal was an unusual lightsaber crystal. When used in a lightsaber, it produced a dark, smokey ash blade. There was a collection of these crystals in the caves of the Quarantine Zone on Dathomir, which was guarded by the Undead rancor. These crystals may have been a product of the Imperial bioweapons Project I71A Codenamed “Blackwing


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I don’t follow the way of the Tribe. As I found life easier to eat and socializes with clients.

I Believe...

that the Mandalorians are the best bounty hunters