Cherry E. Candy


My name is Cherry Elizabeth Candy.  I was murdered by a family friend.  I hunt the bad guys, but I harbor a few dark places myself.

Who Am I...

The shell of a vibrant young girl who died too soon.

Romantic Interests

Straight, tall, males.

Relationship Status

Taken, who's asking?

My Story Is...

I was murdered and unable to pass on. I am silent at first. Easily flattered. I love to be able to be myself.  I am very easy to make blush and very obedient.

My Appearance

Pink hair, blue eyes, 5’5. NEKO EARS


Daggers in my boots, belt and sleeves.Gun on my hip. Magic.

My Secrets Are...

Tch piss me off and find out.

I Believe...

That everyone should accept others.