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Nicknames: Eli, Liz, Liza, Beth. Lizzy, but only her siblings (can) call her that.


Lizzy was always the positive one, always hiding her worry with ‘the bright side’, the best at hiding her emotions. If she was upset, or angry, no one knew because of her bright smile and warm words. She’s caring, shy, and gentle. Quite sensitive as well.

Who Am I...

"Elizabeth! But, alotta people call me Eli, Liz or Beth."

My Story Is...

“My parents were drug addicts. I was four years old when Momma died. I hardly even remember her. I’m sure she loved us! Maybe she was trying, y’know? I try not to be mad at her, plus, I hardly even knew her! Anyways, two years after Momma died, Dad was taken to jail. I was taken to an orphanage, and they separated me from my older sister, Mayven. I dunno where Ethan was.. I.. think he ran away.”


“I found them. My brother and my sister! It’s comforting, I never really did like the orphanage. And now I don’t have to go back!”



My Appearance


Liz has black hair that falls to her waist. Cat ears and tail, like her sister and mom. Just like her sister, Eli has bright blue eyes, but they seem to hold a strange purplish tint to them, making her eyes almost indigo. She also always has a weathered and torn up photo of her and her older siblings.

My Secrets Are...

It wouldn’t be a secret if I were to tell you, silly!