Camila Grace.

Who Am I...


Romantic Interests

His eyes were soft, and sent her melting into his arms. Spilling her heart away to a stranger, at the time.

Relationship Status

Gladly taken.

My Story Is...

While her sister had the body, and the amazing addition of being splendid on camera, and the ambition. (Something Cami had as well,) Camila has the elegance, the looks, and the personality that makes her radiance bloom.

Though, Cami can still be stubborn and rather argumentative to prove her point. Obviously, this gave her many cuffs upside a curly-haired head, and scolds from irritated parents.

She was given alot of,”Why can’t you be just like your sister? She doesn’t argue. She just sits back, and let’s us do our thing,”

Of course, Camila was independent. If she believed or was going to do something, as soon as she made up her mind, there was no going back.

My Appearance

Camila is lithe and graceful. With elegant long legs, and nimble fingers. Her figure that of a petite hour-glass. She has faded, almost white, golden hair. Curly strands that frame her features of moon-kissed skin. Her eyes are two different colors. Her left a amber-brown, and her right a faded jade. Cami stands at 5’3 and a half.” She has cheekbones that hollow in slightly, and freckles that dance along her cheeks, nose, and shoulders. {Profile picture and picture below.}



Depends. She will not have the same things on her, all the time.

My Secrets Are...

“Mine to keep, if you don’t mind.”.- And hopefully, if I tell you mine, you know how to keep them as well.