Bella Coldstone-Idaryum

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**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Bella “Cammelia” Lucyrus

DOB:December 16th

Species:Vampire,Dragon Human Hybrid

Magic:Ice & Snow

Weapon Of Choice:Father’s Staff

Who Am I...

Bella The Witch Of Snow & Ice

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to Kira Cindel

My Story Is...

A Cold Beginning

After many hours of the doctors and nurses struggling to help my mother give birth to me,I finally entered the world at 1am on December 16th.

I was named:Bella “Cammellia” Lucyrus,Magical Of Ice & Snow and a Dragon & Human hybrid and finally the Daughter of Alida Idaryum and Ice Coldstone

A Descendant of A Princess

Growing up,I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do cause my grandma was trying to retake her home kingdom but my mother and father repeated something my mother’s parents did so then I was placed into foster housing

Meeting My Teacher

After a few foster homes,i finally met one by the name of  El,Who became my father figure and my Teacher who could give me a Education on what career path i wanted

My Career Path Choice

After a Year of Recovering the spell books of my ancestors from all 3 sides of my family,I choose to become a Witch of Ice and Snow and from there on i set out on one quest to reuntie with my mother’s biogical family..

My Mother Relived?!

One Day,a Few weeks away from my 19th birthday..I felt my Mother’s Magic Presence and so I thought it was a joke but it came back and then i decided to trace it.

The Pinkadow & Skymoon Purchase

I found where my mother was but i realized my mission was complete,but I wasn’t recongized so I had to prove it with my magic and goodness she was impressed

Adopting Tina

Like my aunt’s did,i adopted my own daughter by the name of Tina Sprout who has to fight against her curse which aids her and hurts her.

Saving Kira & Marriage

A Year after I took Tina in,I saved someone from the hunting bounty of another village who I fell in love with. Her name is Kira Y. Cindel and we got married 3 days after my 23rd birthday

Inflamed Recovers 

I’m now 25 & my half-brother who is Inflamed Firewing, recently is now joining the guard of the village after the side affects of the Post-Gemival War under the training of my cousin:Natalie Pinkadow

My Appearance


Dark Blue Eyes

Black Hair

White Witch Cloak Blackish Purple Witch Hat




Parent’s Spell Books

My Secrets Are...

Nothing comes easy,you gotta earn it

I Believe...

Maybe even 2nd Chances aren't deserved