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*A mysterious woman wearing a tattered dress, worn boots, and a deer-skull mask peered out from behind a tree. The mist surrounded her and she swiftly disappeared.*

Who Am I...

I am who I am.

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My Story Is...

Carnage is not her name. Her true name is Crow, though she earned the name Carnage as she used to be a violent creature of malice and hatred. She was a powerful demon born of pure Evil, built only for the destruction of the human race. However, she met a boy. It was a bad mistake for her Maker to let her onto the earth, for she fell in love with it. The earth and this… this Young man. They intrigued her beyond belief. She had never before been shown kindness from lesser beings.

Upon being called back by her Maker, she turned on him. How could he destroy this race of mutant monkeys who only meant well despite all of their wrong doings? She broke her chains and escaped from her Maker back to the moss covered woods in the north where she had met the young man. Alas… she was too late. Her first and only friend was murdered by her Maker. Heartbroken and enraged, she fled into the snowy north where she was taken in by a pagan man. He told her of the wonders of the earth and it’s immense beauty. Training her for months which turned into years. She worked and worked to make up for the Carnage she had created. This man too had shown her such kindness that her companionship with him turned into love. He continued to help her train until she’d proven herself worthy of magic.

He took her into the woods. Deep deep into the woods where he showed her ancient magic of Nature. Nature had chosen many before to serve her, and Carnage’s will to make up for her mistakes had impressed the great Mother. And so, Mother Nature blessed her with a new home and a new kinship. She was, from then on, born not of Evil, but of Nature. She would continue to serve Mother Nature until the earth would be no more.

Upon hearing the news of her transformation, Maker became enraged. After all, he felt that his property had been stolen. And so… with the use of dark magic he sent a plague to sweep over the human race. A plague of Decay. A plague of Evil. The Maker made himself into a Plague.

The humans began to loose their will to serve Mother Nature. The Mother became ill from the humans. And seeing her Mother in pain, Carnage became enraged. She sent out to do what she’d originally been made to do. Destroy the Human Race. — but… the Pagan man… He was the first to catch the plague. Gravely Ill, unable to be cured, and conflicted. Carnage had no other option. She quickly stabbed her lover in the heart and fled.

Since then she’d found a new dwelling in a strange land far from her old home. A small patch of peaceful woods in the cold north. Occasionally she’d come down south for a day or two to people watch at the Red Sun Inn.

She currently has few friends and says that she’d prefer to keep it that way, lest she fall in love with the human race more. Her anger has never left her… though she’s learned to put it to good use in battle.

My Appearance

*A slim but strongly built woman stood at a height of five foot ten. Her auburn dreadlocks fell down to her waist, random feathers sticking out of them from every which way. Her skin was fair which made her dark rimmed golden eyes stand out dramatically. She wore a tattered brown and red dress, stained with dirt and clay. Many necklaces hung from her neck which would clink together as she walked. Her feet were bare and muddy, and she wore a fox tail at her hip as well as a broadsword made of iron. She was a stunning beauty, with soft features and a kind smile, however she hid this all under a deer skull which she used as a mask. *


*She wore her sword and fox tail at her side as well as her mask, she didn’t appear to be carrying anything else with her.*

My Secrets Are...

My secrets belong to mother nature, nobody else.

I Believe...

that all people possess good in them, even though it may be hard to find.