Out of every species in Kaliskel, ecen the Nicheya, the Angeyican are by far the greatest warriors. The race lives within a garden like region, an orchard of sorts, and they dubbed themselves the protectors of their home. Guardian angels of nature.

Who Am I...

Casia, or Cas for short, is the youngest Angeyican to ever become the head of the angelican guard. The sworn protectors of her homeland, and it's people.

Romantic Interests

Strong warrior like men with battle scars.

My Story Is...

When she was born, Casia was a runt. Always the smallest, the least athletic, and the first to lose, she never really knew what it meant to actually contribute. Until she met him. Once the Angeyica are old enough they travel to Moritz and are assigned a trainer. Her trainer’s name was Dustin… She trained with him for years and of course they fell in love.. but Dustin was a litenya, and the race isnt allowed to have biracial relationships. Dustin was executed in front of her and then Casia was sent home. Shamed by her people, she grew determined to be the best she could be. By the time she was thirteen she had the best scores in her classes, the fastest times. She was recruited to the rank of am officer. Able to do field duty now, she had a partner. At night her partner Aaliyah, and Casia patroled the outer borders of their home landed. One night they were attacked by ripleki, and Aaliyah was losing ground. Despite her own problems Casia threw herself between Aaliyah and the ripleki, ready to die for her partner. Just as a nearby patrol arrived and was able to dispatch the beasts. But Aaliyah still lost her life. A month later, Casia was rewarded the rank of head guard for her bravery, determination, and her care. When her home was destroyed she escaped, and now, after hearing rumors of a cat like queen, she searches for Aphrodite in hopes of being able to reunite her people.

My Appearance

Casia stands at about three feet eight inches, with long waves of pink hair, that fall to her lower calves. She has soft green eyes, and vine like tattoos on her body. Her skin is a gentle tan, and usually she wears ballet like golden shoes, with ribbons, a loose white capri’d jumpsuit, with a pinkish trench coat. She has golden bangles with roses on then, and pink wings to match her hair with green specks.