Cassila Dragule




Late Husband: Greymoon
Children (Oldest-Youngest):

Bryce Pilgrim
Adisyn Pilgrim
Gregory Pilgrim

Biological Father: Lord Emil Recluse (Deceased?)
Biological Mother: Lady Karlista Arvani (Deceased?)
Adopted Father: Peter (Eternal) Pilgrim
Adopted Mother: none
Adopted Siblings:

Tom Marlow
Dracul Pilgrim (Deceased)


Logan Phoenix
Dragonheart Family
Darkheart Family
Blackhart Family
Dragule Family

Back story 
I was born in the year of 1667,in the nation of Krvného Mesta, to the daughter of a Vampire Lord,Emil Recluse

and a Dragon Lady, Karlista Arvani.  Making me one of the first, if not only hybrids of the two.

It wouldn’t be long before Emil had a thought that he wanted his only daughter to be like him, and to forget the half that my mother gave me. Sadly the first thing Emil could think of to accomplish this was to murder Karlista. I never got to know her. As I was raised by Emil my childhood was crushed and ruined.  As I got older he tried to force me to drink the blood and kill the lives of innocence.  Because of that the very smell of it made me sick to my stomach.
In the year of 1683 there was a war among my people and I was in love.  Emil was disgusted with me, for the man I loved was Greymoon, a werewolf, who also fought in the same war.  Greymoon fought on our side, but not for my father, for me.  As the years went on many had fallen in the war and Emil forgot about Greymoon, thinking he was dead.  Although He wasn’t, he was very well alive and our love was still strong. In secret we wed and had children of our own, a few years apart but Emil thought that it was from one of his men from an arranged marriage he set up.

The man he chose and went along saying that they were his children because he loved me so dearly and wanted me to be his queen. Bryce and Adisyn knew who their father was, Greymoon and not that other man. They went along with it as well to protect their father. But yet again, things turned to a disaster. Emil saw the children with Greymoon in a prairie grass field spending time together. He had to stop it. With the little courtesy he had left in him he did not harm the children physically, but mentally. If he let his grandson and granddaughter live Emil knew that the man he thought was fit for me would make a great father. It wasn’t even weeks later when Emil did the same thing to Greymoon as he did with Karlista. At the time I was in the first trimester with our third and last child a boy to be named Gregory.
Years had passed; I told the children that their father had passed in war combat. It took a while but I found something, another dragon, a man with the name of Peter Pilgrim. I found out things of the dragon side I never knew until I met him. I even found a photo of my mother in a book he gave to me, I treasure it always.
He then agreed to adopt me so he can have a daughter of his own.  Shortly after that he adopted a boy of the name of Dracul,we weren’t really twins but we agreed to call ourselves that, and a younger sister, Lirit. Sadly months after that Dracul disappeared and we have not seen him sense, the same goes for our sister.bat. The story worked then but I knew that I would have to tell the truth when they were older. Sending them away for a while to friends of Greymoon, until things were straightened up, I left Emil as well.
Time would pass and during the loss of my siblings I became friends with a kind heart-ed vampire,Tom Marlow, who stuck with me in the situation, becoming close like brother and sister (Even to this day I call him family) until I befriended with another dragon, King Vincente Dragonheart.

He invited me to stay at his home whenever I needed while Peter had become absent. A bout a year after Emil had found me at the Dragonheart residence, and caused me true nightmares. It was horrible. Finally while I was resting in the Dragonheart  home he appeared in my dream, again. This time though, I was ready. Through the battle of my biological father you could see wounds on my body as I slept, deep cuts and slashes. My body came almost as weak that I could not stand. I made it through though, making me the victorious one.

After a year there would still be no sign of Peter, for once I had lost hope.  I waited longer for his return just in case he would come back, fortunately, unlike Dracul and Lirit, I got a surprising notification that Peter, now with the name of Eternal, has found he way to this realm .  Not long  after I decided to travel on my own and call a place called Pilgrim Valley, in memory of Peter Pilgrim, and my dragon heritage. I now take after my mother, as a Lady and as an equal Leader.

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