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Lunar Slicion

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Lunar accepted help to a detective of the name, Marvin Steelbound.  As she accepted the offer planted on paper, She didn’t know that one agreement of help.. Would change her forever.


Anyways.. As she followed the direction’s given to her, She was met with a small group. The leading, Detective Marvin Steelbound, A man of the name Randall Wayne, And several other’s but they.. Left before the searching of the building they stood before began. Therefore, Marvin lead them in, Up a staircase. Lunar would scrunch her nose slightly at the smell. It stunk of nicotine,*Possibly other drugs*, Alcohol and a strong stench of urine.


Eventually, They reached a room. Well, More or so, A hallway, But Marvin had the door opened and proceeded for the other two to enter.  Of course, Lunar being the cautious young woman she was, Was very tentative. She had this gnawing feeling, That all the doors were going to slam shut behind them.


She realized she would regret the entering of the building.. As her worried thoughts came true. And the echoing of slam, after slam of all the door’s ran throughout..


Notice, There was no description of what lay upon them in that room.. What awaited.


Waiting for them, Lay a painting in the middle of the room. Paint slashed across of which was once a black canvas, And forming a drawing of disturbing sorts.. Lunar’s heart squeezed into hastened beats of fear as she noticed the sprays of fresh blood on it..


Her gaze find’s herself staring at the corpse of the artist.. His face torn into a unknown mesh of flesh, skull and blood. Faceless.


So.. The investigating began. Marvin and Lunar were at the painting, While Randall looked across doors and window’s, Such. She knew they should check the body but.. She hesitated. Though, Marvin seemed to know her thought’s and checked it himself. They found a camera, A wallet, And a black key.


They searched the camera, But were left with the satisfaction of one video. They entered the footage and the word’s, “Elise.. Are you there?” Were heard. The word’s were spoken by Reginald.. The artist. The corpse before them.. Also, Soon to be found as the murderer of many woman. After those three words and one name was spoke, It came static.. But Lunar’s keen ears picked up the voice in the white noise.. The voice that said,”I am here…..Someone is coming.”


And then.. The banging sounded. The racket of attacking a door.


Zera La Fae had been that to blame for the loud attack on the bathroom door. Fore, She had been locked in there. Trapped in the small bathroom, With the blood filled bath, Of severed limb’s. She had heard the trio. Throwing her self at the possibility of freedom.


They had frantically tried to open the door, While Lunar was trying to get her voice loud enough. *She is a rather quiet person afterall,* And finally spoke of  using the key.  They had to slide the key underneath the door, Because the knob on their side was gone. And it happened to be locked from the inside. This proved so, Since Zera was soon joining the group and walking out.


There began slight anxiety and panic that filled Lunar, And Marvin picked up the fact that the glass *windows*, Had no reflection. This caught the attention of Randall, Who tapped the glass.


The feeling in the air… Changed. Shifted. Nothing seemed.. Different except that sudden shift, Though. Although, Marvin told Lunar she should try to communicate with Elise, She found herself getting distracted by searching the bedroom again. As she searched for the room, Randall pointed out that the sudden shifting had arrived from the painting. When Lunar opened the door of the bedroom.. She found another corpse *And to mention, The room of which Randall had torn apart, Finding a diary and silver coins, And a wallet, Also cutting up the bed to try and find something..Was completely, suddenly untouched.*.


That of a hidden girl.


Then, Screaming came from the bathroom, As a new man came to join the group. Now a group of five, As Alatar suddenly found himself pushing himself from the bathtub, From underneath a woman’s corpse.


Lunar grabbed the camera, And recorded, Talking to it. “Hello? Can You hear me? Hello?“ Why talk to a camera, You ask? Well now, Not all things need to make sense to be done.


Then. Midnight. Struck. A blanketing silence coming across the hero’s as they felt it.. The weird, creeping feeling. The prickling across your skin as you know something bad, bad, bad, bad.. Is about to occur.


Whispers. Whisper’s that belonged to unseen mouth’s came to the ear’s of those in the heart of the room. All in a circle around the painting, They were gathered. Brainstorming. And then the whisper’s.


The wall shifted. Moved. Letting arm’s of deep oil burst through, Millions and millions of tiny, oil arms. Greedily grappling and coming to snatch and engulf up every one of them.


Randall, In moment’s of panic and trying to save their lives, Trying to bust open the locked door, Free them. Zera and Alatar avoided the path of the hand’s, Running into the hallway, That had waited for seeking, But had remain unexplored. Lunar, Had frozen and pressed against the wall with her ears flattened against her head.


Another death was upon them soon, As Marvin pushed Lunar forwards, And urged Randall on, As he had already been making his way to follow Zera and Alatar.  Lunar found herself stumbling after, With little time to mourn as the Detective was engulfed by the greedy hands..


They soon were all in a group again.. Now of four. They met a crossing. A choice. Of the T like shaped break-off. Left? Right? Alatar had made a barrier, Temporarily buying them time as it began to crack. They came upon the decision of going left. Alatar seemed to had vanished. They couldn’t search for him though. Not in there current condition/situation.


As they went left, They came upon three things. A giant stair case that held, Three large steps. A coffee shop. And a dressing room.


This is where they split up. There was slight conversation about it. Two agreed on the staircase. One agreed to the dressing room. There was the trying of convincing the one to do that opposite of the dressing room, Go with the Two. But there, The One refused.. And they went their separate ways.


Lunar glanced back as they vanished into the door, The three large steps led to. Then opened the two, glass door’s. Stepping into the dressing room.


What awaited Zera and Randall, Was of their eyes. Fore, This is at Lunar’s view.  Yes, You may ask yourself. ‘Well how did you write all the other stuff then?’ Well, Because Lunar saw it.


Luner, Had saw only coats. Coats hanging on racks.. So she made her way through them, Like a child might do in a store. After a while of snaking through, They began to feel smoother,..Then colder..thinner and colder. Then she was in a large refrigerator.. Filled with many naked, large woman. Reginald’s victim’s.. On hooks.. They were tortured.. Slaughtered.


Then.. Whispering began. Their eyes all opened and they all looked to Lunar. They talked to her, whispered to her, They told her to drink their blood.


So she did.. After a while.. When she told them,“If I do this.. Promise you will be at rest..?“ Fore, Before that she had spoken to them.. let them know that she felt sorry for them.. Pitied them. So she drank their blood.. Then, As she followed their pointing finger;s as she asked a question.. She made her way through, Pulling apart curtains as loud booing was heard.


The loud booing of million, staring Zera’s, Randall’s, And Lunar’s. Alatar’s to. A large, Mechanical doll was behind Lunar as well. Following her through. The crowd erupted into cheers, As Lunar and that Mechanical doll appeared. “Mother! Mother! MOTHER! MOTHER!“


Lunar gave Randall and Zera a warning. A warning because the voice told her, That if they harmed the mother.. They would be harmed. She had to help them. Make sure nobody was harmed. She told them to make sure to leave the Mother alone. To not cause harm to her.


Though, Zera and Randall didn’t understand. Lunar really wished she could explain.. But there was no time. This caused an argument, Lunar told them. Begged them to listen, Told them she had to save them and the soul’s of the woman.


As the argument continued, Metal spider’s came from the doll. Weaving thread of silk at Zera and Randall.. And soon violence ensued between the man and the spider’s.


Lunar had gained the gift of Shadow’s Step. So.. She turned to a dark mist and stepped between the two and the doll. Pleading. Begging them to stop. Fore, The mother was simply defending herself.


Then she knew..


She knew what decision she had to make.


If they were going to get out of there.. To live. Survive. She needed to make a sacrifice.


So.. She picked up a dagger, Of which she had in it’s sheath on her thigh, And stabbed it into her chest. The young girl ended her life.


Had she truly left living? Would she no longer take another breath? Yes. Fore, Right before she stabbed, She quickly turned into mist and stabbed it through. Giving her enough time to create the illusion of suicide. The ultimate sacrifice. Her. Life. She also used her magic to have blood coming from the wound. Even though, It really wasn’t real.


The mother, Ran  to Lunar, And wept for the loss of her Kin, Her daughter. They were bound by the blood of The Nameless One, The blood of the Father, The blood of the Mother.  She fell to her knees, Letting the just arrived snow, That had begun to fall on the stage, Soak her dress. Soak her dress with the mix of Lunar’s blood and the snow.


“Murderers! Look what you’ve done to her!“ These were the grieving words of  the Mother. Zera and Randall began to act remorse. Zera had her own gift. A paintbrush of which brought her painting’s to life. Which, She would soon vow to never use after this event. She began to draw in the pale snow, Which made it turn to ink.


A very real looking, replica of Lunar. It almost tricked the Mother.. But then, Rage filled the Mother as she saw it as mockery. Attacking the man, Randall. Fore, She was feeling horrible anger for their mockery. He barely dodged her attack, When she slipped on him.. Falling to her death as the dagger was pushed into her throat from her fall.


Lunar had sat up. The Illusion gone. No more blood. Except for the human blood staining the floor. Randall looked up as she cried,“It was a play! A show!“ She had believed he had killed her on purpose.. Had he?


Now.. They were actor’s*resses* On a normal stage.. With a normal audience.. And they thought the dead body was fake. Acting.



And that, Was how Lunar became the Kin of The Nameless One. Believer of The Mother. The Father.


Eh..It varies.

My Secrets Are...

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I Believe...

in The Nameless One. The Mother. The Father.. The DreamScapes.