Lunar Slicion


Lunar is a Hybrid. She can be human or wolf,Wolf or Human. She’s a young adult of 21 and follows her own rules. She currently is a rogue and prefers no pack. She can do Mind/Illusion magic well and enjoys a nice bit of fun..Her fun.

Who Am I...

Lunar Slicion

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

She was a young pup,But during a battle between her father’s pack and another,She was taken by the opponents,And tossed away into a lake. She thought that was it..She awoke on shore,And was surrounded by other people,She ran and than a few years later..Found Persistence. She has been Independent ever since.

My Appearance

She has piercing yellow eyes,And long black hair that falls to her waist. She has a fair skin tone and long legs,Her fingers slender. Her nails are always black,And when wanted she can make them grow sharper,Into claws,Without turning wolf. She stands at 5’7,With soft,thin lips.


Eh..It varies.

My Secrets Are...

Who’s asking?

I Believe...

None of your business..