Meriem Cooper – CAVEWOMAN



Who Am I...


My Story Is...

The story starts with Doctor Francis Peacock Reicher, an infamous inventor and futurist, who focused not only on cutting edge technology, but also time travel, which ostracized him from his peers. Though he led a life of obscurity, had a family, he always dreamed of escaping, especially in his elderly age as the world came into the year 1980. A breakthrough allowed him to construct a time machine, as well as a molecular condenser that would allow the average human to survive the strain of time travel. After seeing the state his daughter had fallen into after the death of her husband, falling into drug use, he tried his best to save his granddaughter from such a life and flee into the future before the government could steal his technology to use for nefarious purposes.


Unfortunately, his efforts to save young Meriem and the government’s drive to weaponize time travel overlapped. As he fled, agents arrived and destroyed his machine, causing it to malfunction and send Meriem and her “Gramps” more than 70 million years into the past, before mankind had evolved, and when dinosaurs ruled the Earth…


Though Gramps’ genius gave both him and his granddaughter a physical edge against some of the super predators that roamed the Earth at that time, it did not make them invincible. Gramps was tragically eaten by a Tyrannosaur a short while after they arrived in the past, leaving Meriem as the sole human alive before primates had even evolved. She lived a hard life, but still survived into adulthood, becoming a superhuman warrior woman that lived in harmony with the primordial nature around her.


She became… CAVEWOMAN.


Since then, her hometown of Marshville, Oregon has time-traveled to the same time period she was stranded in, with Meriem becoming their savior by using her wits and experience to help them build a new human civilization, and Meriem has become rather un-stuck in time and space as well, taking her unexpectedly to strange worlds and times…

My Appearance


People will look at Meriem, who stands at a humble height of 5’8″, with long wavy brown hair, lightly streaked by the ancient sun, her richly tanned skin, dazzling eyes, and a body that is so wonderfully endowed and covered in toned muscle… and they will think she is some kind of prehistoric angel. Or a slutty model/cosplayer. She’s gorgeous, in a completely natural way.



Beautiful as Meriem is, though… She is incredibly lethal by most normal standards. At a young age, Meriem’s body was molecularly enhanced, making her better than the average man to a significant degree. Her stamina is nearly unlimited, and she’s strong enough to not only fight off fully grown velociraptors, even strong enough to rip the arm off of one bare-handed, but she’s tackled much, much larger creatures to the ground by throwing herself at them with her full 350 lbs. body, as her strength comes from muscle and bones that are incredibly dense at the molecular level. She is also resistant to harm, shrugging off velociraptor bites and shotgun blasts, though armor-piercing rounds and T-Rex bites are another thing altogether. Still, when she does sustain damage, Meriem is a quick healer.


Meriem’s senses, from her eyesight, hearing, her sense of smell, touch, even her balance are all superhuman as well, making her a great hunter. She can hear things several miles away, can see an ant on the ground through the canopy of trees two miles away, and can track prey across long distances through smell alone. Her top running speed is faster than 30 mph, meaning she can outpace or match creatures far bigger than herself even with their larger strides, and she’s as deadly in the water as she is on land, being a fast swimmer and holding her breath for inhuman amounts of time, up to almost an hour. And given how high she can jump, Meriem’s almost as dangerous as a land mammal can be in the air without flying, going hundreds of feet into the air from the ground with little effort, and can go even further with effort.


Meriem’s skill with a knife and spear is also highly proficient, and only enhanced by her strength. With her strength and keen eye combined, Meriem can spear flying pterodactyls from the ground, or throw knives with enough force to take the head off of a velociraptor in motion in the middle of a close quarters fight.


Finally, Meriem has some measure of supernatural mental power, communing not only with the spirits of the dead as if they were still living people, and bonding with animals in a way that seems to be a psychic or empathic link.


I Believe...

In survival.