Cedric Graves

Who Am I...

a necromancer

My Story Is...

Cedric was born with a natural ability to harness powerful magic. As he grew older, his sorcery turned to favor the dark arts. Something went direly wrong (or right?) along the way.

It is unclear as to how it happened as it was never his intention. Perhaps through a lost deal, a potion an ingredient off, or a spell incantation misread. Whatever the case may be, Cedric was not fond of it. He always aspired to be a healer, but then somehow turned… into a necromancer.

He learned to live with it though, and fortunately enough, it turned into a blessing in disguise. His homeland fell cursed with an uprising of a persistent undead army, thus deeming his powers useful.

Although he is brilliant in his home world, anywhere else he goes he is often confused, too curious, or accidentally raising unwanted spirits and the like. It’s as if the Deadwood curse (the curse from his home town) follows him along on his travels.

Currently, he spends time traveling worlds to strengthen his will and seek answers to uplifting the curse of his home world.

I Believe...

in magic.