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Who Am I...

A child born from all the gods of my universe

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My Story Is...

daughter of gods and goddess:

She was born for the powers and skills of all the Greek gods and goddess. The gods and goddess wanted something that was powerful and something that fight for them if the time ever came when other things would come up against them, whatever that’ maybe. So upon the decision the gods and goddess got together on one special occasion the raise of the giant moon. From this everything that lived in the shadows, the evil that lived in the shadow arose. The gods and goddess began their ritual to make a powerful begins they longed for but one thing they didn’t know was the evil that were creeping into the ritual and doing their own plan. After the ritual was finished the gods and goddess could hear a baby crying, zeus took it up and the light broke through the darkness as the sun raised. Zeus walks down to the Greek people and leaves her on a random family’s door step. From there she was raised by a mother named Penelope and a father name Odysseus. She became of age to leave the house and so she did, becoming an dark and ruthless warrior named bloodreina


My Appearance


Powers of the gods
most used power is power of the god of war and goddess of magic (Ares and Hecate)

My Secrets Are...

None of your business

I Believe...

That even the most powerful person has a weakness