Intro Video


I’m sorry if my account is a mess. I just joined. Please be welcoming and respectful, thank you! <3

Who Am I...

*+Cella Gene Luna*+

Romantic Interests

Pansexual: often leaning towards women

My Story Is...

I’m an 17 year old highschool student. My parents had passed away due to a car accident when I was around 6 years old. After that I moved in with my two aunts and have lived with them since elementary school. I came out when I was in 8th grade year and have gotten bullied since, for my sexuality. I am attracted to girls mostly even though I’m pansexual. I love music interest; Twenty One Pilots, Conan gray, Elvis Presley, Queen, Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray, FINNEAS etc.

My Appearance

I used to have blonde hair but, had dyed it to a pastel blue. I have blue eyes and my height is 5″0. I am curvy, but short. I often wear pastel colored clothing, baggy oversized sweaters or short skirts with fishnets.


(Not really important to me). (Sorry)

My Secrets Are...

My eyes can often turn from a gleam of happiness, to a dark emptiness depending on the emotions I’m feeling. Often they’d only turn dark and empty if I’m upset, angry, or depressed about a situation.

I Believe...

I believe I'll eventually find someone out there who'd care for me and fall in love with me as I would with them.