Azura Kit


( My rules are simple. No godmode. No killing without permission. Serious injuries or weakening is allowed if any of my characters get into a fight. I am good with any setting and pg 13 to 18+ is fine. Other Characters in stories. All my characters change a lot. Appearance, Personality, and abilities can all change depending on the RP. But this is a baseline for Azura)

Who Am I...

Azura Kit

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Mated to King Daniel Mcknight

My Story Is...

A healer in a demi-human clinic on the outskirts of Las Vegas where she grew up after being left by her parents as they fled from the humans. She was raised and taught to control her magic magic by Nova. (A demi raccoon girl)(deceased) who she considers her mother. Her powerful magic had been consuming her lifeforce making her sickly and weak but kept alive by her siblings Nathan(deceased) and May (Older sister). After Nathan’s passing as he battled Aaron it left the clinic to Abby and Azura runs it as best she can. She tries to treat all who come with kindness and respect whoever or whatever they may be. But he can be roused if anyone tries to harm a patient or her family especially Alyssa and May. Since she can take a human form she is one of the few who can travel freely in the human parts of the city and does so occasionally to trade for herbs or components for her magic. But he prefers the company of other demis or her family to anything else.

Family: Nathan (Older Brother, deceased) May (Older Sister) Alyssa(God-child) Nova (Mother, Deceased) Mikayla, Abigail, and Alida (Close extended family)

Weapon of choice: Magic

Powers: Magic consisting of all types of spells allow her to have an almost unlimited amount of ablities, ability to change his form (Foxgirl demi, Human, Full Hybrid, and Full Fox) Her magic power increases as she goes more toward her fox side but her thoughts and actions become more feral and it takes more to shift back to a more human form.

My Appearance

Female Kitsune (Blue Fox) Humanoid 5’4″ 150lbs. Blue eyes that seem to always catch the light and can change colors depending on mood. Usually wears plain dresses that are green, pink, or blue. Is bare foot in her natural form but wears black tennis shoes when in Human form. Her human form is a Caucasian female with long blue hair and the same blue eyes. Despite living in the outskirts she is very clean due to having to care for others that may get worse problems if she is not.


Backpack with always at least one change of clothes and her tennis shoes (when she isn’t wearing them), A cell phone (A flip phone in a smart phone world) a healer’s kit containing several herbs a basic anatomy book on most common demis and humans. A pouch containing her magic’s components enough to cast all her spells twice. Two collars One red and One blue. Several Sketchbooks that were her brothers. four spellbooks some of the pages blank allowing her to write new spells as she creates them and a picture of Alyssa with her and May at a water park smiling and happy.

My Secrets Are...

A smile and a quiet shake of the head is the only response you get.

I Believe...

Family and love are the only things that truly matter as we write our stories together