We take for granted the complex
of the living; A breath you take is one
that someone else will never have.
It’s hard enough to make it into this
world from the womb alive, let alone
last much longer past it to even
understand what being alive is. Nature’s
rules are hardly ever denied or
broken—but some have dared
to cheat it. When we decide to disregard
the heavens when they ignore us,
when science and experimentation
beats out morals and ethics;
A boy like Allen is born.


Life is but a pill in this world.
Everyone seems to carry a burden
of suffering that needs healing.
Be it the woman who can’t get those
nasty images of her father raping
her out of her mind, or the man
who can’t bend over to tie his shoes
without his back giving him hell—
We depend on our pills to keep
us moving forward. We’re forced
into addictions to keep our spots
in society. But not everyone can
make due with what a doctor can
prescribe. Instead they turn to the
new age of street based pharmaceuticals
to quell their demons. Allen is one
of those manufacturers of salvation.