Lily Ann Duskore


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Romantic Interests

None as of yet

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Shall I begin like Mr Copperfield, I am born….

Lily was born through a liaison of her father Rannulf Duskore and a Therianthropy in Thistlemere when he was stationed to explore the ‘troubles/threat’ they could prove to Hellifyno.

A union between human and fae was frowned upon more so when a child was born to such meeting and either not welcomed or fearing for the child’s safety her father took her to in some hopes to be cared for by his brother/Lilys uncle Rycharde Duskore in the city of Aark soon to move to Sprout later for her mother was forced to choose either keeping the child or banishing her ‘Lover’ from the realm.

Fate for the best part seemed to have been kind to Lily for she was taken in and raised under her uncles roof along with her Aunt Thea and her two ‘Brothers’ Reullin who was 5 when lily was entrusted to them and soon to be joined a year or so after her arrival by the youngest Rannulf named after her own father whom at the time her Uncle had thought had died.

The education and upbringing expected of a lady was bestowed upon Lily, she was taught to read, write, art, music and needlework but as she grew up she longed for more exciting pursuits for given her heritage she knew she would never get offered a hand of marriage so seemed pointless learning how to be one but out of respect for her Auntie who had longed for  a daughter lily still tried to act like one.

At 15 with the growing pressures and rebellious outbreaks that was becoming to the young teenager Lily convinced her uncle and aunt to send her to an academy to continue her studies away from Sprout their new home for the citizens tat dwelt there were not comfortable around ‘magical’ folk given by now her ‘unusual’ features and complexion was more noticeable and where ever the poor girl went she was always treated with suspicion and gossiped about behind her back.

Flourishing and completing her promise to her guardians she did attend the school and finished her education but now at 18 she had developed a wondering lust to explore the world she had spent so much time reading about preferring the more hands on approach to leaning then the studious locked away in a room of finding knowledge out so she meet up with a caravan of travelers a mix match of people, traders and mercenary’s under the leadership of a light blonde haired male called Sueben, charming her way into their group to accompany them on their travels.

After 2 years on the road Lily decided to settle down with a fellow traveler from the caravan, a auburn haired Elf called Alzibe Yurvumis. They were gifted a Son shortly after their union called Ayduin but the happy family life was not to last for 6 months later while she was away visiting her family their home was visited by a masked unit of men armed with low lvl Am weapons they used to subdue the elf then proceeded to burn the dwelling with child still inside down.



My Appearance

Height :-5’11”
Weight:-150 lbs
Hair:- Midnight black cut short into a mop cap style (When long it’s worn in braids/pleats)
Eyes:- Reptilian like pupils set in Cobalt blue irises.

Distinguishing features:- Scaly skin, Slight point to the ears, fang like teeth that are kept filed short, Scars located on her left side above the hip- long scar along abdomen- Bite marks all over form but heavily on arms- Heavy scars from flogging Crisscrossing  her back (Prominent spine).


Companion:- 2ft Raven called Rigis. (One green/one black eye, Loves apples and chess, Annoying, likes drawing on people)

My Secrets Are...

I am afraid of the dark and I don’t like the cold. I don’t like horses but i’m slowly coming around as i have a horse from a friend called Jack.

It has came to light and kept secret from many members of the family that we were/are cursed for our last name of Duskore comes from the red rock we mine that contains mercury in it but how we came into mining as a dark past for my great great grandfather double crossed a Dwarf for the mine leaving him and his fellow kin to die in a rock fall leaving him the sole survive and heir so for generations after to atone for our sins though another deal made by our predecessors  ‘A soul for another, to void the cursed souls that put it upon us we must offer others in their place” so who ever ‘Owns’ the deeds to the mines and its fortune must pay that price or pass its wealth and responsibility to another.

I Believe...

"A man must stand for something or he will fall for anything"