Kinana (Kina)


I’m strong, talented, willing to take the brunt of any blow heading for my loved ones.  Don’t challenge me because I will fight back, with all I have.

Who Am I...

The Fallen Angel of Limbo (In between worlds)

Romantic Interests

Taller, straight, strong and protective males.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was cast out from heaven due to my brothers power, he lied and used it against me, I fought back and was cast out.  My wings are black and menacing, but I’m not as bad as you think.

My Appearance

I’m 5’6, thin, and carry weapons with me.  I have long black hair, down to my stomach, purple unworldly eyes, and a built body.  I can lift more than people think.  I have large black wings that seem to ripple with shadows.  My expression is usually cold and uncaring, I carry myself with grace and cocky confidence.


Challenge me to find out.

My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell you?

I Believe...

That we should fight for what is right