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“We are very rare.”
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“Sometimes the human flesh makes me feel trapped, or maybe it is an allegory for something more.”

Full Name: Aöemph

Species: Collapsed star:

Aöemph is the origin and a demiurge of his own race, making them essentially the most powerful among its race having utmost power and authority over other beings. The prime beings do not always possess the power to create life forms but possess the original or main gene that all others derivative. He can even control or destroy his own species through interbreeding, artificial breeding, or creating synthetic organisms. With this ability, he can leave his body, enter a plane of higher existence, and become pure energy. When accomplished, Aöemph gains many powers, the most obvious would be an intelligence that surpasses nearly every form of physical life that would give the user the ability to create incredibly advanced technology. Aöemph’s parent species still contain their bodies and can choose to switch between them when they want to.

The general adaptation of this major realm consists of 6th dimensional energies and frequencies. However, as he has reincarnated himself once more into a 3rd dimensional and earthy flesh; Aöemph, is unable to process much of this god-like power.




Pronunciation: Eye-ymph

Nickname/Alias: He who walks
Origin: 2nd Neutron Star  of a tri-star system across the multiverse before his collapse

Pet Name: White Dwarf. This is actually a derogatory term used for his species. Rooting from the scientific nature of White Dwarf stars, as they become too weak to sustain themselves. Ultimately collapsing inward due to its own gravity.

Species (Pre-flesh): Neutron Star, if a star has between 1.35 and 2.1 times the mass of the Sun, it doesn’t form a white dwarf when it dies. Instead, the star dies in a catastrophic supernova explosion, and the remaining core becomes a neutron star. As its name implies, a neutron star is an exotic type of star that is composed entirely of neutrons. This is because the intense gravity of the neutron star crushes protons and electrons together to form neutrons. If stars are even more massive, they will become black holes instead of neutron stars after the supernova goes off.
Imagine an environment closely related to a northern region of eerie fog during autumn, just in the early hours of the morning where the premature sun wasn’t allowed past the translucent grey clouds. It caused the clouds themselves the render the light in a harsh slate. The entire horizon was painted with these unending clouds, while the ground was a rocky solid, seemingly reflecting the sky in the same color. A damp gray rocky location which life went unseen upon the surface, hard, dense; bedrock. Mist had settled upon the ground, eerily dense only below the hips. Everything above the hips was completely transparent. Yet while celestial entity was accorded a significant degree of control over the fates of both the land and sky, the continuation of this region was in his power. Some could even say it was merely a figment of his imagination in physical manifestation. Despite his visual weakness, he was able to map each an every square inch through time based frequencies. Upon his wrist was written a phrase that stretched into the forearm. It was written in an unknown language, burned unto the flesh with a blade capable of harnessing a star. The blade too, as the tattoo, was in his possession.
“Oh ye child of Time”
This here star in human flesh, this child of space-time, didn’t have enough translatable memories that would allow one to formulate an educated theory on his past. The only thing he remembers is being made flesh upon the Earth. Existing in flesh with a connection to these higher dimensions, yet being without parents or a family. At this point in time it didn’t matter too much to him, now what was a yearning to explore and become familiar with a new place. For this grey place, was no home for a child of Time. This place ironically was the product of time without interaction. Everything so dead and dreary.

“It is time to move forward…”


Evolutionary Affinity and Sumerian Origin    (W.I.P.)


The Sumerians appear on the archaeological record beginning around 4,500 BCE. Located near Egyptological, Kemetic, African and Middle Eastern influential locations, the region, a.k.a. Mesopotamia, has long been referred to as “the cradle of civilization.” Sumer was a handful of city states initially ruled by priests, each organized around a city and temple.” The ziggurats, dedicated to Anunnaki worship, were layered pyramids with flat tops. These communities were considered to be “servant-slave” populations dedicated to serving the temple gods, the Anunnaki. Over time, priesthood rulership gave way to kings.


Sumerians worshiped the Anunnaki, said to be the children of earth and sky; An, the sky god, and Ki, the earth goddess. Chief among them was Enlil, god of air. This pantheon was passed to the Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian cultures. The Epic of Gilgamesh, the story of the historical king of Sumerian city-state Urek, is an ancient literary relic of Sumerian culture.

Aöemph would obscurely have been much closely related to those beings of Divine, Extraterrestrial, and Inter-dimensional characteristics. A child of those vague beings responsible for natural and unnatural evolution of the human species.



Minor Powers

Pressure Resistance

Aöemph; with this power is resist damage from being crushed, smashed, or flattened. Usually accompanied by those with Gyrokinesis or Piezokinesis so that he is not crushed by their own power.

Astral Projection

Aöemph can separate his spirit from the body by entering a trance, gaining access of travel on Astral Plane. Experienced individuals may control both presences, the Astral and Corporeal. It may allow some users to more easily possess others, but may battle over conscious. Spirit Physiology while outside the body. Project your consciousness/soul/mind/spirit/astral form outside your body. Aöemph can fly and even cross through spiritual/mental dimensions. This is what Aöemph uses to ‘Dimension split and hop.”

Imagination Manifestation

Aöemph is able to bring any materials, beings or tools originating from their imagination into existence and literally bring their wildest ideas into reality. This is rarely used by him due to the fact that his imagination is ‘beyond wild’ it seems like the only thing he cannot control in himself. He usually sticks to creating small and simply things. Stone, cup, shoe, cloak. If he were to go any further with this, then vast consequences might abruptly tear his very own reality apart.

Cellular Disintegration

Just through touch Aöemph can dissolve any sort of organic cells, including plant, bone, or even fertile dirt and dissolve them, destroying them at a cellular or even protein level, allowing him to destroy his targets, either by a specific part or outright disintegration. They can also dissolve viral or germ like cells from their own body for self-treatment. Abraham used a form of this during the story of Egypt. Instead of fully disintegrating their cells, he’d morph them into that of sand particles.

Internal rupturing

Aöemph can inflict internal injuries, such as rupturing internal organs, upon an intended victim, often leaving no sign of outward damage with the exception of blood coming from the orifices. This also allows to attack people who are invulnerable to physical attacks that causes external damage. This is usually executed through contact with a forceful punch. Or even a palm to the chest. Aöemph sends various magnetic waves and high frequencies to target one’s organs.

Greater Powers

Non-Newtonian infused atomic structure.

A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid whose flow properties differ in any way from those of Newtonian fluids. Most commonly the viscosity (the measure of a fluid’s ability to resist gradual deformation by shear or tensile stresses) of non-Newtonian fluids is dependent on shear rate or shear rate history. Some non-Newtonian fluids with shear-independent viscosity, however, still exhibit normal stress-differences or other non-Newtonian behavior. (Yes this is from Wikipedia, I’ll explain what all this means for those who are unfamiliar.) Aöemph’s very atomic structure can be shifted into this state. Meaning is no force is applied to his body, he will become a liquid with very low viscosity. He is like water. If force if applied, it will equal out and become as hard as the force applied. If Aöemph was punched, his atoms would shift closer together to match the force. So it would be like punching a wall.

Organic Constructs

Aöemph can change organic material (including their own bodies) into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures of varying permanence.  His body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. is extremely dense/solid, allowing him to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. He also gain enhanced levels of strength and stamina, this is possible because of how hard his body has become, allowing him to resist tearing a muscle and/or their bones shattering easily.

One point density formation

This is one of the strongest physical attacks of Aöemph without being ascended. This is executed in a simply fashion, giving a deadly outcome. He concentrates a considerable amount of pure energy into just the finger-tips of a single hand and then performs a thrusting motion, which together allows him to pierce a target in a manner somewhat similar to a single point force of energy. The intensity, size and strength of the technique can be proportionally increased by reducing the number of fingers involved. Four-Finger formation: Strong enough to break through robust defenses with relative ease. Breaking through a stone wall would be very easy in this formation. Three-Finger Formation: Effective against even malleable materials that can usually handle a blow by dissipating its force. By swinging his hand he can create a shock-wave which was powerful enough to send opponents in the immediate area around him flying backwards. This can be used to decimate moutains. One-Finger formation: Known as the “strongest spear” where the concentration of energy is so great that it extends well beyond the finger in a lone point. This is easily able to pierce an entire planet.

Planetary manipulation

Aöemph can control the mountains and everything in them, including all the aspects of the mountains, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones. Mountains include also the very coldest, highest of places, and the darkest, deepest places of the mountain. With this power he is also able to create stone into any type of stone being. Such as a large golem or even a stone serpent. He is even able to split mountains with a touch.

Conceptual Attacks

With this ability, Aöemph can launch an attack which can directly affect very high level concepts, such as time, space, or the natural order. The attack doesn’t damage the opponent with physical interference, but through conceptual interference, by changing or actualizing the meaning of something. For example, a weapon which could kill an immortal being by forcing the concept of ‘mortality’ into their existence, or the ability to kill anything that lives by actualizing the concept of ‘death’ within its existence. The effectiveness and nature of the attack depends strongly on the concept(s) used, making it possible to achieve almost any desired effect. However, the concept and effect is generally predefined on a per-weapon basis.

God like powers (Never used in PvP battles; storyline purposes only. Since Aöemph is no longer a God.)


Many beings and ‘Gods’ during Aöemph’s time originated in the 12th dimension, which possessed very fine and high frequencies. They ascend from their physical body and become a being of pure energy. This is because the user gain a mental, physical, or spiritual connection to the several planes that make up existence. With this connection, he/she can use it to gain an ability from each plane. The meaning of this is that the user has the potential to gain abilities that surpass those accomplished with the power Magic, Cosmic Control, and Elemental Control combined. However, the level of power depends mostly on the willpower of the host. Aöemph was once an ascended being, capable of nearly anything. He had the literal power of creation. This power is now only accessed through self commitment and sometimes it can even happen through love.Reality splittingThis is a very powerful and deadly physical attack that Aöemph has done no more than three times. His very fist can channel the pure physical energy to literally split reality. Not atoms, but reality itself. Warping it, making it seem alien. If anyone were to be caught in her chest with such a punch, they simply wouldn’t exist anymore. The last time Aöemph used this attack was during his great battle with his younger brother. 3 steps forward and Aöemph sent the force of over a billion Suns hurling towards him. This caused the very plane to cave in on itself. Just after Aöemph escaped, the universe shredded itself to eventually before a single molecular structure. A point of zero. Then explode outwards again. Aöemph is able to change the caliber and force of this attack. So it may range from exploding a planet, to wiping an entire universe from existence.

Planetary Creation

Usually within the boundaries of outer space, Aöemph is able to manipulate nebula, an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases which are remnants of a supernovas and the interstellar matter that is believed to form planets. This was originally used by Aöemph to trap a powerful God within a planet. Their fight in the galaxy forced him to manipulate the energy around them and create a huge prison. A planet.

Who Am I...

Aöemph is essentially a collapsed star existing within humanoid flesh; his home consists of neighboring stars in which they collectively share consciousness. Among the 3 children stars, there was to be a choice: Which star would assume a human flesh and represent their kind through interactions among the physical 3rd dimensions. In flesh, he is a traveler, a warrior, and some would even insist he is a God.

Romantic Interests

Strange creatures

Relationship Status


My Story Is...


“I’ve been here before… What was my name?”
My forgotten origins…

Let us start from the beginning. Well… You see this dark gathering of a somewhat humanoid shape? This is ~~~. This is his spiritual form seen by none. Not even himself due to the fact that there were no mirrors in the realm where he originated from.  No one knows who created him, no one asks. ~~~ himself doesn’t even know how he came to be. Then again, do we know the origin of humankind? Do we know the origin of God? Think of this cycle as being in the womb of your mother. Silent, eerie, nothingness. ~~~ was nothing but consciousness. He could think. He could feel. He could be. This was the first step of the ego. To be. ~~~ is to be. ~~~ was. Aöemph. What a name… At this point in his ‘life’ Aöemph was not his name. Nor was Aöemph  even a male. Aöemph had no name, he had no gender. He had no race or species. It was simply it. To be something soon. His origins portrayed him to be an “it” not a whom.
“Great entity… Awaken…Follow thy light”
It was not spoken in words. It was understood through emotions. This phrase is usually used from those whom died. This was not the case for this star-child creature, through reincarnation was one allowed access to higher dimensions. In this realm there was no gravity, no type of force to move relative towards. Meaning, to move. He would need to project his very conscious. This worked like he thought it would. He moved and moved until he saw the light, until he felt the light. He moved until he was the light. A violent buzzing rung through his head. His mind faded and shifted into what is now known as. Reality. The area around him was cold. Everything he was seeing was new to him. He was on Earth. As a male. A human male. This was the second existence. Life.
“Now… Be on thy way.”
The second thing he was able to perceive as a being. He was no longer an amorphous entity. He was a human. He understood, he felt, he listened. He comprehended. …. Abraham was has name. It is was what the voice called him. The first thing he’d notice was that it was cold. Very cold. Third step of Aöemph. To feel. The ground beneath him was littered with snow and he was naked.


My Appearance

Brown-skinned star child

Appears to be 20

Dresses like a slightly well off tailor and trader of occult knowledge.


My Secrets Are...

Generally far-fetched

I Believe...

in Order out of Chaos